‘Southern Charm’: Danni Baird’s Boyfriend Dishes on Madison LeCroy Cheating Rumors

Southern Charm star Danni Baird has had a tough time of it lately. After an embarrassing and self-damning night of misplaced gossip, Madison LeCroy inadvertently dredged up old wounds in their friendship and made them worse. 

And, mixed into the whole thing, is Danni Baird’s boyfriend Gentry. In a bizarre series of connected dots, LeCroy let slip an STD rumor that managed to reconnect to an uncomfortable and possibly scandalous interaction between LeCroy and Baird’s ex-boyfriend. 

Who is Gentry?

Gentry, full name Gentry Todd Radwanski, is a Charleston socialite. Like many of the successful members of Southern Charm, he works as a realtor in South Carolina, having allegedly sold upwards of $30 million worth of Charleston real estate. 

It seems as if Danni Baird and Gentry don’t share too much about each other on social media. The two are absent from one another’s Instagram. Many fans are confused as to whether or not the couple is still together, especially after an Instagram post in which Gentry called another Charleston-based artist “his girl.” However, it could simply be a term of friendly endearment, rather than a reference to a girlfriend.

LeCroy’s friend DMs Gentry

During a Southern Charm trip to Colorado, Shep Rose and Madison LeCroy got into another one of their frequent fights. In an attempt to stick a barb in Rose, LeCroy spread a rumor that Rose had given Baird chlamydia. Both of them denied it and questioned LeCroy’s motives behind spreading such a nasty lie. 

“It’s not fine. I don’t understand you. What’s the anger come from? … And Austen told you? So now you’ve thrown him under the bus. You’re a tornado. You just hurt three people, or tried to. Was it worth it?” asked Rose when it went down. 

Baird said, “If you want to hurt him, that’s fine. But why the hell would you just do that to me? You truly don’t know what you’re talking about, and you are hurting people who shouldn’t be hurt. I’m on your team, so why the f*** are you acting like this?”

According to Baird, the attack was in part targeted at her. She revealed that LeCroy probably still holds over some animosity from when LeCroy’s friend DM’d Gentry on LeCroy’s behalf, trying to set up a date. Baird told Craig Conover about the situation, and naturally, he told Shep Rose and Austen Kroll, who confronted LeCroy about it.

Said Baird to The Daily Dish, “I think she had harbored that, and I had no idea. I mean, I had actually done everything I could possibly do to kind of protect her in that situation as it was unraveling and not have it escalate into something bigger, but I also had no idea that I had literally given Craig Conover ammunition.”

Gentry dishes on the scandal 

After a blistering back and forth between Danni Baird, Madison LeCroy, and Austen Kroll regarding the Instagram DM scandal, Gentry did us all a favor. He went ahead and posted the entire conversation he had with LeCroy’s friend that messaged him — who is also a friend of Gentry’s.

While Kroll had taken a message of his out of context — one in which he wrote, “Let’s all grab breakfast/coffee soon!” — and claimed it was an indication of interest in LeCroy. According to Gentry, however, he was talking to the friend that DM’d him, who he hadn’t seen in some time.

Gentry’s breakdown of the conversation does make it quite clear that he’s trying to steer his friend away from the topic of LeCroy and instead into personal territory, in an effort not to get involved. 

During a video he added to his Instagram story, Gentry said, “I do feel uniquely qualified to address this because frankly this whole conversation is simply [to defuse] something I didn’t want to take part in.”

On the video text appears that reads, “Also leave this wonderful human be @danni_baird,” a call to fans of the show to please let Baird live her life in peace.