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Patricia Altschul is getting in the middle of drama with her Southern Charm co-stars. The Bravo personality has never been shy about expressing her opinion, especially when it comes to Austen Kroll. Altschul has a close relationship with Madison LeCroy, who was linked to Kroll for some time. Now the latter is throwing shade at Altschul and she’s firing it right back.

Patricia Altschul and Austen Kroll
Patricia Altschul and Austen Kroll | Paul Cheney/Tommy Garcia/Bravo

What did Patricia Altschul say?

During the Southern Charm episode that aired on Thursday, December 17, Kroll alleged that Altschul only married for money. Kroll said it as he feels that Altschul has been thinking less of him because he doesn’t come from a family with wealth. He is just starting his beer business and Altschul feels LeCroy deserves someone that’s more established.

When the episode aired, fans started tweeting Altschul to get her reaction after Kroll’s statement. Altschul is a queen on Twitter and it wasn’t long before she tweeted a statement.

“I explained that love was important but not all-encompassing,” Altschul tweeted. “Madison has a work ethic that involves getting up early and going to work….and so do I. The men I married were accomplished… it’s a trait I love and admire. These guys party all night and sleep all day.”

Altschul made it clear that she thinks Kroll is not a good suitor because he lacks ambition, not because he is not rich.

Austen Kroll and Madison LeCroy have broken up

Altschul can be a little more relieved now that LeCroy is officially free again. The Southern Charm stars recently revealed that they have broken up and Kroll recently said he’s heartbroken.

“It’s like being able to see [the signs] just right in front of my face. I was like, ‘Austen, what are you doing?’” Kroll told Us Weekly. “What you’re seeing [on TV] happened back in May, June, July. People assume that we broke up yesterday.”

Since their breakup became official publicly, Kroll says that he has not talked to LeCroy in two weeks, the longest they have gone without communicating.

“We didn’t break up last week, you know, we broke up months ago,” Kroll added. “The past two weeks is the longest I’ve ever gone without talking to her. So, it’s like I cut off my addiction cold turkey. … It just hasn’t been easy.”

Madison Lecroy and Austen Kroll of 'Southern Charm'
Madison Lecroy and Austen Kroll of ‘Southern Charm’ | Paul Cheney/Bravo

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LeCroy also told the publication that she was not dating Kroll anymore and even added, “Ladies, if you want him, you can have him.”

Ultimately, LeCroy says that the pandemic and the quarantine is what put the relationship into perspective. The couple ultimately decided to call it quits.

“I definitely think that quarantine was either gonna make it or break [our] relationship and unfortunately, we did not come out stronger,” she told Us Weekly. “We weren’t even in quarantine together. We did for a short period of time, and then I think we both realized that maybe there was just too many things that had happened in the past for us to actually play house for 14 days or whatever it was.”

Southern Charm airs Thursday nights at 9 p.m. ET on Bravo.