‘Southern Charm’: Patricia Altschul Reveals Why She’ll Never Attend a Reunion and What Was Edited From Her Remarks About Craig Conover

Although she wasn’t in attendance, Patricia Altschul‘s shady comments about Craig Conover’s pillow line arose during part one of the Southern Charm reunion.

Patricia Altschul, Craig Conover
Patricia Altschul, Craig Conover |Brianna Stello/Bravo/NBCU Photo Bank

Altschul and son Whitney Sudler-Smith watched Conover during his HSN appearance in a previous episode. Sudler-Smith tried to make a joke but it took a sour turn for Altschul. “You and Craig are having kind of like a home shopping standoff,” he told his mother, Bravo’s Style & Living recounted. “You have a deal; he has a deal.” 

But Altschul snarked, “I don’t consider Craig competition in any way, in any form,” she said in a confessional. “My pillows are unique and in the luxury category. Craig’s pillows are affordable.” 

Conover responded to the comment during an appearance on Watch What Happens Live with Andy Cohen.  “I was surprised to see that,” he said. “Sewing Down South is doing very well, and … I root for everyone. But, I think Patricia’s jealousy has set in — I don’t think she thought we were going to be this successful.”

The comments again bubbled to the surface during the reunion, but Altschul wasn’t in attendance to respond.

Patricia Altschul owned the comment but said more was edited out

During the reunion, the cast expressed disappointment in Altschul’s comment. But on Twitter, Altschul owned it, despite not being present at the reunion.

“In fairness to Craig I was a bit snarky but redeemed myself with praise…however that bit was edited out,” she replied to a fan on Twitter about the shade.

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She then shared that she made additional remarks about Conover’s pillow collection that were positive during the episode. But the footage ended up on the cutting room floor. “They edited out the part where I said his pillows were charming and that I love Craig…..I said it again on WWHL. He and I are fine now,” she tweeted.

Patricia Altschul insists she will never attend a reunion

Altschul has never attended a Southern Charm reunion and has stated in the past she never will. A fan asked if she would attend the reunion in 2017 and she replied,  “As you know, I will never be on any reunion ever,” Bravo reports.

Shep Rose shared his thoughts on why he Altschul won’t attend a reunion. “She’s most happy not to be involved,” he told Bravo. “She’s a little too dignified to get in the mix with us all. She loves the show.”

And while Altschul has continued to insist she won’t attend a reunion, she recently shared that her contract states she is allowed to skip it. “I will never go on any reunion….it’s contractual,” she tweeted.

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Despite her aversion to reunions, Altschul has appeared on WWHL on a number of occasions. She also took part in BravoCon in 2019. In fact, it was at BravoCon where she admitted to being a member of the “mile-high” club. However, she didn’t have the interlude on a commercial flight – it was private all the way.