‘Southern Charm’ Star Chelsea Meissner Has A New BF And Here’s Everything We Know

Shortly after Chelsea Meissner joined the cast of Southern Charm, she got involved in a controversial love triangle with Austen Kroll and Shep Rose. Meissner and Rose never crossed over into the romantic territory, but things did heat up between her and Kroll. While their romance eventually fizzled out, Meissner is officially dating someone new in Season 6 of Southern Charm. Here’s a quick look at Meissner’s new romance and what their future may hold.

'Southern Charm' stars Shep Rose and Chelsea Meissner
Shepard Rose and Chelsea Meissner | Photo by: Paul Cheney/Bravo/NBCU Photo Bank via Getty Images

Meissner opens up about her new romance

Meissner is usually quiet about her romantic life, but she has talked about her new boyfriend on several occasions. According to Romper, the Southern Charm star opened up about her romance in an interview in 2018, where she revealed that her new boyfriend is a fellow named Nick Dana. Chelsea Meissner did not share a lot about Dana, but she did reveal a few tidbits about his professional life.

“I do have a boyfriend and all is going well,” Meissner shared. “He travels a lot because he’s a professional sailor. He’s got a lot, I’ll just say that.”

Meissner’s Southern Charm co-star and bestie, Cameran Eubanks, could not agree more. In the same interview, Eubanks revealed that she thinks Dana is “hot,” and is happy for the couple. Meissner also included a few words about her boyfriend in her bio for the new season.

The reality star revealed that she met Dana during one of her vacations and that he works for America’s Cup. Dana, unfortunately, does not live in Charleston, though a future appearance on Southern Charm is not completely out of the question.

What else do we know about Chelsea Meissner’s boyfriend?

Although Meissner has been quiet about her romance, Dana does have a profile on Ocean Race. In his official bio, Dana says that he grew up around the ocean and has worked on boats his entire life. The Rhode Islander has a passion for sailing and has been doing it professionally for a long time. In fact, his work as a professional sailor keeps him very busy and gives him an opportunity to travel around the world.

On Instagram, Dana often shares photos of his trips across the globe. Last year alone, Dana posted pictures from France’s Port de Saint-Tropez, Italy’s Porto Cervo, and New Zealand. The only thing missing from Dana’s timeline are photos of his girlfriend. But since Meissner resides in Charleston, the two do not spend a lot of time in person. This explains why Meissner does not appear on his social media accounts, much to the disappointment of Southern Charm fans.

Will Meissner take things to the next level?

The only downside to Chelsea Meissner’s relationship is the distance. While most people would struggle with making a long-distance relationship work, Meissner believes the distance is not a negative thing. In fact, the Southern Charm star recently revealed that she believes living in separate cities is healthy for a relationship. Given how their romance is still going strong well into 2019, it looks like things are working out for the best.

As far as their future is concerned, Meissner has never felt a strong desire to start a family of her own. Following the birth of Eubanks’s child, Meissner admitted that having a baby is not something that is on the forefront of her mind.

That said, the Southern Charm star is not opposed to having children, especially if she met the right person. Whether Dana is that man, of course, is yet to be seen, but for now, it sounds like Meissner is content with just dating.

Chelsea Meissner shows off bikini bod

While we wait to learn more about Meissner’s relationship, the Southern Charm star recently showed off her amazing bikini bod on social media. Meissner rocked a black bikini in the steamy photo and completed her look with a seashell choker.

Several of Meissner’s Southern Charm co-stars complimented the beach-side pic on social media, including Eubanks, who hilariously said she needs a large print-out of the pic ASAP.

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This is not the first time Chelsea Meissner has impressed fans with her toned body. Last year, she posed in several bikinis made by Danni Baird, though her most recent photo op was arguably much sexier.

New episodes of Southern Charm air Tuesday nights on Bravo.