‘Southern Charm’: Thomas Ravenel Drags Kathryn Dennis’ Nude Photos Into Court

Thomas Ravenel has been an unofficial cast member on Southern Charm Season 6 ever since Bravo dropped him, and that’s because he just can’t seem to leave Kathryn Dennis alone. Ever since the couple split in 2016, their ongoing custody battle has become nastier. Now, Ravenel is going after Kathryn Dennis, Bravo, and even Andy Cohen with renewed fervor, and it seems as if almost nothing is safe. He’s even managed to subpoena Patricia Altschul.

Now, as if to put the icing on the cake, Ravenel is exposing Kathryn Dennis’ sexting habits in court.

The ongoing court battle

Kathryn Dennis, Thomas Ravenel
Kathryn Dennis, Thomas Ravenel | Paul Cheney/Bravo/NBCU Photo Bank via Getty Images

After their breakup in 2016, the Southern Charm couple began to butt heads over custody. Things were looking grim for Kathryn Dennis when she failed a court-ordered drug test. She lost custody of the children, and attended rehab in California. Upon returning she was granted 50/50 custody with Ravenel.

Since then, Ravenel has been drawn up on second-degree assault and battery charges after being accused of sexual assault by a former nanny, Dawn Ledwell. As a result, Kathryn Dennis is officially seeking full custody of her children. In recent episodes of Southern Charm, Dennis has expressed concern about what will happen should Ravenel end up in jail as a result of his actions, leaving her to deal with single-motherhood.

What’s the point of the photos?

Kathryn Calhoun Dennis
Kathryn Calhoun Dennis | Charles Sykes/Bravo/NBCU Photo Bank via Getty Images

Thomas Ravenel acquired the nude photos of Kathryn Dennis from an ex-boyfriend of hers, according to documents obtained by The Blast. Ravenel’s legal team is trying to get Kathryn Dennis to admit that the nude photos are authentic. Dennis’ lawyers have been arguing that the nude photos have no actual bearing on the status of the custody battle, but Ravenel disagrees.

Ravenel and his legal counsel seem to believe that the nude photos, along with other alleged evidence they have, proves that Dennis participates in “flagrant promiscuity and using drugs with multiple men after leaving rehab.” They also claim to have some sort of proof that Dennis has been abusing drugs and alcohol since exiting rehab.

Ravenel also claims that he is, “informed and believes that the Plaintiff left for California the Summer of 2016 to have a secretive abortion, and that Plaintiff’s subsequent stint in rehab was a ruse. This timeline of those events has direct bearing on Plaintiff’s motive for entering rehab and her lack of desire and intent to actually rehabilitate herself.”

He also claims to fear that Dennis will continue to exercise, “poor judgment in her personal life and put the minor children at risk.”

Ravenel is no stranger to poor behavior

Thomas Ravenel
Thomas Ravenel | Charles Sykes/Bravo/NBCU Photo Bank via Getty Images

While Thomas Ravenel carries on with his claims against Kathryn Dennis, his own behavior makes his claims somewhat suspect. Ravenel himself has been to jail for drug abuse, after being charged with purchasing less than 500 grams of cocaine with intent to distribute. This landed him ten months in a federal prison.

Additionally, Ravenel has been accused of sexual assault twice now. The first time occurred in 2016, when he was accused by Debbie Holloway Perkins. Ravenel had met the woman on Tinder, and she alleges that he sexually assaulted her in his nanny room. The two parties settled out of court for $200,000.

However, Ravenel was accused once more in 2018 but the former nanny of his children, Dawn Ledwell. According to Ledwell, Ravenel attacked her in the nanny room as well. According to Ledwell, Ravenel, “approached [her] without any hesitation and attempted to kiss [her].” Ledwell adds, “It escalated from there where he wouldn’t take no for an answer. Although it wasn’t penile penetration, what he did do was identified by the law as first-degree forcible rape.”

Given his checkered past, it is often difficult to take anything Thomas Ravenel says at face value.