‘Southern Charm:’ Was Jenna King Really from Charleston and Is She Still with Her Wealthy Boyfriend?

Jenna King was featured in the first season of Southern Charm but bolted from Charleston after season one wrapped.

King’s punk rock style and easy going attitude was a nice compliment to the drama-infused storyline of “who will Kathryn Dennis chose?” Even though she brought a nice balance to the fire on the show, she quietly departed from not only the cast but skipped town.

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She’s currently living a private life in Los Angeles, California, which seems to better fit her lifestyle. When Southern Charm debuted it was meant to portray Charleston’s local aristocracy. But was King actually part of the blue blood lineage? Plus, is she still connected to the wealthy businessman who appeared to play a large role in her life?

Where is she now?

King made several changes upon leaving the show. She not only moved to Los Angeles, but she also switched up her look. On Southern Charm, she rocked a cool, dark mohawk. But upon leaving she transformed her locks into long, colorful braids, Bravo’s The Daily Dish observed in 2016.

Cameran Eubanks said she goes way back with King. “I knew Jenna long before the show started,” she said in a video by Bravo’s The Daily Dish. “And we do keep in touch. She is in L.A., but she comes back to South Carolina. Her mom lives in South Carolina.”

Eubanks confirmed what seems to be pretty apparent on King’s Instagram too. “She’s always traveling someplace fabulous on a private jet,” Eubanks remarks. “I mean she has a way cooler life than me, that’s for sure. She’s awesome.”

Is King from Charleston?

King was pretty up front on the show that she was not from Charleston. Instead, she’s from Sumter, South Carolina. She also was pretty elusive about how she afforded her lifestyle on the show.

She claimed that the show tried to set it up to appear that she had money. However, when she was having lunch with friends, they asked her point blank about how she afforded her expensive home, apparel, and travel. She insisted she was an “investor.” Even though the ladies pushed for more information, she stuck to her guns and doubled down on saying she “did investment stuff.”

However, during the show, she often referred to someone named “Lou” who appeared to be her boyfriend at the time. The cast assumed real estate developer, Lou Ceruzzi was funding her life but she was coy about the relationship and his financial influence in her life.

Is she still with Lou?

During the season one reunion, King admitted the $1,000 Christian Louboutin shoes cameras caught in her closet were paid for by Ceruzzi. Host Andy Cohen still wanted to know how she paid her bills. She replied, “I’m really good at rolling the dice playing Craps.”

Bravo’s The Daily Dish reported in 2016 the couple parted ways. She dated Ronnie Radke from the band Falling in Reverse, but they broke up. Then she was spotted with Ceruzzi.

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But since then, Ceruzzi passed away in 2017 in New York City. According to his obituary, he was 63 years old and died from a “coronary event.” He is survived by his wife Terese and children. Most recently, King’s Instagram has featured photos of King with a woman who she refers to as “wifey.”