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Was Austen Kroll from Southern Charm throwing shade or just telling the truth when he said Shep Rose‘s girlfriend Taylor Ann Green got “fresh” with one of Craig Conover‘s friends?

Leva Bonaparte, John Pringle, Kathryn Dennis, Shep Rose, Austen Kroll, Madison LeCroy, Craig Conover
Leva Bonaparte, John Pringle, Kathryn Dennis, Shep Rose, Austen Kroll, Madison LeCroy, Craig Conover | John Valkos/Tommy Garcia/Bravo

Green quarantined with Conover and his girlfriend when all three tested positive for COVID-19 (coronavirus). Green was unhappy with Rose because he distanced himself from her once she tested positive. While the couple did the right thing by physically separating while she was positive, Rose wasn’t exactly emotionally supportive of her either.

Conover and Kroll appeared on Watch What Happens Live with Andy Cohen, which is when they dished about what went on behind the scenes during the After Show.

Do the guys know something viewers don’t?

Conover said “it was fun” to be in quarantine with Green. But, “It was a lot to be in between those two,” he remarked about being in the middle of Rose and Green. “Everyone had COVID there and she wanted Shep’s attention and she was gonna go to the ends of the earth to get that attention. There’s nothing to spill! I don’t know, you tell them, Austen.”

But Kroll grinned and said, “Yes there is!” Kroll then dished, “She was fresh with one of Craig’s friends in my opinion. And I’m not saying any hanky panky went down. But she was fresh. And just what Craig said …”

At this point host, Andy Cohen’s mouth is hanging open and he needs further details. “Was this person in your COVID infinity circle?”Cohen asked. Conover nodded affirmatively. “So this was another person who had COVID,” Cohen continued. “So it was a little COVID on COVID flirting?”

There were actually 4 people in Craig Conover’s quarantine pod

Conover explains. “Yeah, so one of my best friends stayed with us also. So there was four of us.” Conover then admits there was flirting. “So, yeah they got a little close,” he said. “Nothing happened, but I had to tell Shep about it. And it was really, really awkward. He said he didn’t care so …”

Cohen looked confused when Conover made the last remark about how Rose didn’t care about the flirting. Patricia Altschul recently implied that Rose and Green’s romance was only for the show. “She’s an awfully nice girl,” Altschul said about Green on the Watch What Happens Live with Andy Cohen After Show. “I mean, [son] Whitney [Sudler-Smith] refers to it as a showmance.”

Shep Rose
Shep Rose |Paul Cheney/Bravo

‘Southern Charm’: Patricia Altschul Implies Shep Rose’s Relationship with Taylor Ann Green Is Fake or a ‘Showmance’

 “I think if they last through the reunion, then we have to see,” she insisted. “That’ll be the determining factor.”

Despite Altschul’s remarks, Conover thinks Green’s influence on Rose has been overwhelmingly positive. “Shep is such a better version of himself with her. You know, towards the end of last year I had stopped talking to Shep. We just weren’t on the same page,” he told US Weekly. “I was moving forward with my business and there wasn’t anything there for me. It was toxic. And he wasn’t in a great place and he started dating Taylor.”

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