‘Southern Charm’: What is Kathryn Dennis’ Net Worth?

Southern Charm is back with its sixth season, which means we’re getting more lush lifestyles and dramatic relationships down in South Carolina. There have been a lot of eyes on Kathryn Dennis lately, and not without reason. Thomas Ravenel’s ex-wife leads a pretty action-packed life of her own, between pregnancy, custody drama, rehabilitation, and business ventures.

And given her historically political ancestry, it’s not surprising that Dennis has already accrued some impressive net worth — a number she surely means to increase with her entrepreneurial efforts.

A politically impressive family history

Dennis’ full name is actually Kathryn Calhoun Dennis, which points immediately to her impressive family history. As a matter of fact, Dennis is actually directly descended from John C. Calhoun, the seventh Vice President of the United States. John C. Calhoun is well-known for his inflammatory speech on the Senate floor in which he named slavery a “positive good.”

“…the relation now existing in the slaveholding States between the two, is, instead of an evil, a good–a positive good,” said Calhoun in his historical speech. A pretty unequivocal stance on the matter of slavery, typical of a Southerner in his time.

That’s not Dennis’ only claim to political fame, however. She’s also the granddaughter of South Carolina Senator Rembert C. Dennis, who served in the South Carolina Senate as a Democrat from 1943 to 1988, with a much less controversial political history than John C. Calhoun.

Dennis has expressed an interest in politics herself, even studying political science and women’s studies at the University of South Carolina. Dennis served as a page for John Land in the South Carolina Senate, and as an intern in the Lieutenant Governor’s office. It’s a promising start, but Dennis may find herself needing to reinvent her image after starring on a reality television show if she plans on running anytime soon.

Dealing with custody troubles

Dennis and ex-boyfriend Thomas Ravenel separated in 2016, and Dennis lost custody of their two children pending a substance abuse investigation. Dennis then checked into rehab, and her journey towards sobriety was documented in the 2017 season of Southern Charm.

In 2017, the court suggested that Dennis and Ravenel co-parent, but that wasn’t meant to last. Dennis moved to seek sole custody of both her children in 2018 after Ravenel was brought up on assault and battery charges, as well as allegations of sexual assault.

Dennis sets entrepreneurial goals

Dennis has a passion not just for politics, but also for fashion and home design. To that end, Dennis works as a brand ambassador for Gwynn’s, a department store in Charleston, South Carolina. She’ll be expanding her role to serve as a creative partner at Gwynn’s Studio.

In addition, Dennis is working on an upscale furniture line named Kensie + Saint. The line, named after her children, is intended to draw inspiration from their imagination, personalities, and personal preferences. Beyond that, Dennis is also working on a business that revamps vintage items, maintaining their vintage feel while giving them a modern take.

Kathryn Dennis’ Net Worth

Kathryn Dennis currently has an estimated net worth of roughly $800,000. Typically Dennis earns around $25,000 per episode of Southern Charm.