‘Southern Charm’: What is Whitney Sudler-Smith’s Net Worth?

Season 6 of Southern Charm is now airing, and that means we’re back in the action with some of our favorite South Carolina socialites. Though he doesn’t see a lot of camera time these days, Whitney Sudler-Smith is still on the floor, working hard behind the scenes as a show producer. And that doesn’t protect him from drama either, especially after Kathryn Dennis admitting to hooking up with him, again.

But Southern Charm isn’t Sudler-Smith’s only claim to screentime fame. The producer has a few other titles under his belt. Given the success of his show, and his other ventures, how much has Sudler-Smith got squirreled away?

Starting out independent

Sudler-Smith’s journey to fame on Southern Charm wasn’t kicked off by being scouted or approached. In fact, Sudler-Smith kicked it off himself.

“Initially, I come from more of a film background, and it started out as a documentary. I’d become friends with Thomas Ravenel, who lived in Charleston, I think he’d just gotten out of prison,” explained Sudler-Smith in an interview with UrbanDaddy.

At the time, Thomas Ravenel had just left prison after serving a ten-month sentence for possession and intent to distribute cocaine in 2007.

“I felt he’d be this really compelling character. And I figured he’d make interesting subject matter for a documentary and/or TV show. I did this pilot thinking it was going to be a documentary kind of exploring the myth of the Old South and reconstruction and all this bullsh*t. And my agent said at the time, ‘No, no, no, this should be a TV show, these characters are all compelling,’” said Sudler-Smith.

Sudler-Smith earned his directorial chops working on the short films Afternoon Delight and Going for Baroque. He then headed up Bubba and Ike, a “redneck buddy comedy” that aired at the Austin Film Festival.

Crafting his own drama

While he may be a producer of the show, Sudler-Smith also served as a cast member on Southern Charm, even finding himself embroiled in romantic drama of his own. In fact, Southern Charm star Kathryn Dennis recently admitted to sleeping with the producer.

The Season 6 trailer featured a dinner party in which Chelsea Meissner says, “What if Kathryn and Whitney got back together? She said the last time she was there she stayed the night. She said she was twenty-one.”

Austen Kroll adds to the conversation, “No. This summer. They f*cked. This summer!”

This is juicy in the eyes of cast and viewers alike — Sudler-Smith was friends with Dennis’ ex-boyfriend, none other than Ravenel, who was booted from the show after assault and battery charges were brought up against him following a sexual assault scandal.

Dennis went as far as to confirm the rumor, adding that, “The first time Whitney and I hooked up he said ‘Don’t tell anyone,’ and I was really intimidated by him at the time so I was like, ‘Okay, I really, really won’t.’” It seems things are different now.

“Now I don’t give a sh*t,” added Dennis. “If I was him I’d be like, ‘Yeah man, I sure did.’”

Sudler-Smith’s net worth

Currently, Whitney Sudler-Smith has an estimated net worth of roughly $2 million. It wouldn’t be surprising to see this number increase soon — Sudler-Smith has other projects in the works right now. Sudler-Smith is currently working on an anti-poaching documentary. The documentary follows a small army in Nairobi, Kenya, consisting of 100 individuals trying to stave off poachers after black rhinos.

“It’s my purpose to bring some exposure to this heartbreaking struggle,” said Sudler-Smith.

Additionally, he’s directing a film about Keith Moon, drummer for The Who, and the weekend he “lost” with English actor Oliver Reed.