‘Southern Charm’: Whitney Sudler-Smith Shows How to Practice Social Distancing With ‘Petri Dish’ Friends

Whitney Sudler-Smith from Southern Charm wasn’t taking any chances with his “petri dish” friends, Craig Conover and Austen Kroll.

The guys practiced social distancing putting several (hundred) feet between them as they tried to hang out. Sudler-Smith shared a video on Instagram and commented, “Practicing Social Distancing with  @krollthewarriorking and @caconover If you have to see someone – like I have, stay at worst 30 feet away. #besafe.”

Craig Conover, Whitney Sudler-Smith
Craig Conover, Whitney Sudler-Smith |Brianna Stello/Bravo/NBCU Photo Bank via Getty Images

Sudler-Smith keeps the guys at a good distance too. “You! You should be quarantined in Wuhan, China province,” Sudler-Smith says in Kroll’s direction. Krolls put his hands up as he sits in a golf cart located a pretty good distance from his friend.

Practicing social distancing

Sudler-Smith adds, “Austen if he goes to the fish market in Wuhan, the bats will flee and panic. He’s a walking petri dish. It’s true, I’m not lying.” Kroll is heard in the background saying Wuhan is actually fine now. Conover is seating on a chair near Kroll and walks over to him within a safe distance.

“They are keeping me company thankfully,” Sudler-Smith adds. Pal Shep Rose remarks, “Haha. Y’all sharing some beers 🍻?” One person hilariously observed, “You have them over your house 🏠 but keep them at a distance 🤣 I feel like you invented social distancing before it became a thing 🙌🙌❤️.”

Several people urged Sudler-Smith to keep the guys away from his mother, Patricia Altschul. “Please do not let them inside near your beautiful mom Ms P as well as Michael. Or the doggos,” one person commented. “Don’t bring the virus home to your Mama!” another person added.

The guys were at the bar the day before

Others agreed that Conover and Kroll should be kept at a far distance. Kroll shared a photo from a local bar only the day before. “Seriously they were just out and posting on IG. PA is a national treasure!!!!” one person remarked on Sudler-Smith’s post. Another wrote, “Good luck with that, since they were at a bar yesterday stuffing crab legs in their faces and spreading germs.”

Kroll, Conover, Kathryn Dennis, and Madison LeCroy hit a local crab joint for dinner only the day before. “Craig gave us crabs,” Kroll wrote. The restaurant almost looks like “business as usual” as many patrons were dining and drinking. One person commented, “GO HOME! I cannot believe you all are still going out like nothing is wrong.” Kroll turned off commenting as he was likely admonished for going out to a restaurant during a pandemic.

Kroll later shared a photo from Sudler-Smith’s home and agreed he was keeping a safe distance. “St. Paddy’s has a different vibe this year,” he wrote.
“Rest assured we heard many of your outcries AND death threats, which we for some reason normalize/internalize, and are practicing social distancing.
@wsudlersmith was gracious enough to provide us with the Bourbon, which we had to pick up once he placed it down on the ground away from us. SIDE NOTE: The price of the bourbon he supplied increased with every story he told #20feet.”