‘Southern Hospitality’: Grace Lilly Has a Million Excuses for Ditching Bourbon N’ Bubbles – and Leva Isn’t Buying It

Leva Bonaparte from Bravo‘s Southern Hospitality said her husband Lamar would have fired Grace Lilly years ago, but she wants to give her one more chance … but Lilly’s endless list of excuses isn’t doing any favors.

Bonaparte called Lilly out during the first episode for leaving her shift at Bourbon N’ Bubbles after Maddi Reese sent a group to the restaurant from Republic for a VIP check-in. Bonaparte was furious that when the group arrived at Bourbon N’ Bubbles Lilly was MIA. Meanwhile, Lilly took a shot at Reese for snitching on her.

Grace Lilly has a lot of excuses on ‘Southern Hospitality’

In an upcoming episode, Lilly meets with Bonaparte in her office where she proceeds to rattle off every excuse under the sun as to why she left during her shift.

Grace Lilly from 'Southern Hospitality' smiles while at dinner with the cast
Grace Lily | Jeff Gentner/Bravo

“I was just like not feeling good,” Lilly says to Bonaparte when asked for an explanation. “I like had a migraine, my sinuses, like the allergies, the pollen.” She adds that she was dehydrated and on and on …

Bonaparte, who asked for an explanation, had enough. “But that’s life,” she said. Lilly agrees and understands she can’t make excuses. So now what?

Is Leva ready to send Grace back to Republic?

Lilly is having a “make or break” moment. “Right now the way you look to me, Grace is checked out,” Bonaparte says. Lilly apologizes and insists she is going to “make it right” and prove to her she can succeed in the position. But mainly to “Come back to Republic.”

Even though she’s in hot water, Lilly asks Bonaparte how she’d feel about bringing her back to Republic for maybe a night. “I can’t put you at Republic if you’re not excelling at what I’m giving you,” Bonaparte explains.

And while Lilly agrees with Bonaparte, she’s mad that Reese called her out. “I really upset with Maddi,” Lilly says in a confessional. “She knows that I’m trying to get back to Republic.” Lilly thought instead of telling Bonaparte that she wasn’t at Bourbon N’ Bubbles, Reese should have given her a heads-up first.

“She didn’t need to snitch on me to Leva,” Lilly says.

Who does Grace Lilly really blame from ‘Southern Hospitality’?

Bonaparte thinks it’s probably better for Lilly that she deals with her instead of her husband and business partner Lamar. “I see something in you,” Bonaparte tells Lilly. “I truly think you have magic in sales if you are present.”


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“Racehorses can win you a lot of money,” Bonaparte says in a confessional. “But they’re so high maintenance. Grace is sort of like my racehorse. If it was up to Lamar, she would have been fired years ago. But I’m like, ‘Listen this one will win. This one will win for us.'”

Bonaparte urges Lilly to embrace her role at Bourbon N’ Bubbles, but will she? And will she ultimately make it back to Republic?

Southern Hospitality is on Monday, December 5 at 9 pm ET/PT on Bravo.