‘Spider-Man 3’ Leak Seemingly Reveals Title and Confirms Villain Rumors

Marvel may have just leaked some major spoilers for Tom Holland’s Spider-Man 3. Holland recently revealed when filming will start, yet the studio has been very secretive about the project’s plot. An inside source, however, claims to have knowledge about the movie’s title as well as Spider-Man’s next villain.

Spider-Man Tom Holland Zendaya
‘Spider-Man’ stars Tom Holland and Zendaya | Karwai Tang/WireImage

‘Spider-Man 3’ officially underway

After inking out a new deal with Sony last summer, Marvel is moving full-steam ahead on Spider-Man 3. The project is currently in the pre-production phase, with filming set to kick off this summer.

According to Den of Geek, Holland recently revealed that the filming schedule for Spider-Man 3 will begin in July. The actor did not give away too many details about the plot, but he assured fans that they will not be disappointed by the end product.

“I’m super happy about it. We will be shooting Spider-Man 3 in July in Atlanta,” Holland shared.

Filming, of course, will go as scheduled assuming it is not affected by the coronavirus pandemic. Several projects are expected to suffer from delays because of the virus, and Spider-Man 3 could be among them. While there are concerns about the schedule, casting for the project is reportedly underway.

With that in mind, the source claim that Marvel recently revealed the full title of the project and the movie’s main villain.

Did Marvel leak the ‘Spider-Man 3’ title?

Marvel has been very tight-lipped about releasing plot details regarding Spider-Man 3. With the movie’s premiere not until next summer, we probably will not hear anything official until filming has wrapped.

According to We Got This Covered, an inside source posted to 4Chan claiming to know the full title of Spider-Man 3. Per the source, the movie will be called Spider-Man: Home Run.

This continues the “home” theme the studio has employed in the first two films in the hit franchise: Spider-Man: Homecoming and Spider-Man: Far From Home. Marvel is fully expected to continue this theme in the next film, which does add some credence to the reports.

Until we get official confirmation, however, we cannot confirm that Home Run will be the title of the third installment. The fact that the information was posted on 4Chan means that fans should take it with major precautions.

What about the film’s main villain?

In addition to the title, the source also claimed to know about the main villain in Spider-Man 3. Per the source, Kraven the Hunter will be taking on Peter Parker in the final film of the trilogy.

Now that the entire world knows that Peter is Spider-Man, authorities will be turning to Kraven to hunt down the vigilante. Although this has not been confirmed, Marvel could take inspiration from Kraven’s storyline in 1987 called Kraven’s Last Hunt.

When it comes to who might play the villain, the source claims that Jason Momoa and Henry Cavill are in the running. The only problem with this is that Momoa is firmly in the DCEU while Cavill is currently filming the new season of The Witcher.

If filming starts as planned, it might be tricky filming around Cavill’s busy schedule. Neither actor has commented on the casting rumors, so it is too early to tell if there is any truth to this one.

Marvel brings back Zendaya for ‘Spider-Man 3’

Aside from the filming schedule, Holland also chatted about which characters will be returning for the third installment. This includes confirming that Zendaya will be back as Peter’s main romantic interest, MJ.

“In Spider-Man 3, Zendaya will most definitely be in the film. As to the relationship between Peter and MJ, I’m not too sure what it will be,” Holland stated.

Holland did not reveal any more details concerning the plot. He also did not address the reports about the movie’s title or villain. But with filming starting in a few months, there is a good chance we will learn more from Marvel once production gets underway.

Spider-Man’s fate, of course, was up in the air as recently as last summer after Sony and Marvel failed to reach an agreement. Luckily, the two sides eventually came to terms and Holland will be allowed to star in at least one more stand-alone film, plus a few cameo appearances in future crossovers.

Fans can watch Holland in action when Marvel’s Spider-Man 3 premieres in theaters on July 16, 2021.