‘Spider-Man’ Actor Tom Holland Unsure If the Franchise Still Needs Peter Parker: ‘Maybe What’s Best for Spider-Man Is That They Do a Miles Morales Film’

Marvel Studios has been busy in 2021, but Spider-Man: No Way Home remains one of its most-anticipated projects of the year. The upcoming film promises to throw the Marvel Cinematic Universe’s Peter Parker (Tom Holland) into previously uncharted territory, pitting him against Spider-Man villains from other corners of the multiverse. There’s a lot of suspense heading into the new film, especially since the actor’s future as Spider-Man is so unclear.

Although Holland hasn’t said whether he intends to stay in the role or not, he did recently suggest another future might be best for the franchise — one that focuses on Miles Morales.

‘Spider-Man: No Way Home’ could be the end of Tom Holland’s Peter Parker

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Although Marvel fans don’t know whether they’ll see Holland’s Spider-Man again, they’re aware Spider-Man: No Way Home represents an ending. Bringing the Homecoming trilogy to a close, the upcoming film has been touted as a finale. Not only did Spider-Man actors Holland and Zendaya admit as much during an interview, but Holland recently told GQ that he currently has no more contractural obligations for the role.

That doesn’t mean his contract can’t be renewed, but it does leave questions about the future of the franchise. There’s already some debate over whether or not future Spider-Man films will take place in the MCU or the Sonyverse. However, Holland may not join either. That could lead the Spider-Man franchise down a very interesting path.

Tom Holland isn’t sure the franchise needs Peter Parker

Spider-Man actor Tom Holland wearing a black suit and white shirt at the premiere for 'Captain America: Civil War.' Will Tom Holland's Peter Parker continue appearing in the MCU?
Tom Holland | Jason LaVeris/FilmMagic

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In addition to Holland’s uncertainty about his own desire to continue playing Peter Parker, there’s another reason the Spider-Man actor could see Spider-Man: No Way Home being his last hurrah. Holland told GQ that it could be time for the franchise to focus on a new character. After all, Peter Parker is far from the only person to wear the Spidey suit in Marvel Comics. And Holland thinks Miles Morales could prove a compelling lead for future films:

“Maybe it is time for me to move on. Maybe what’s best for Spider-Man is that they do a Miles Morales film. I have to take Peter Parker into account as well, because he is an important part of my life.”

Fans have already met Miles Morales in Sony’s Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse, but they’ve yet to see him in live-action. If the animated feature is anything to judge by, though, he’d make a great follow-up to Holland’s Peter Parker.

Could the actor be right about Miles Morales being Spider-Man’s future?

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After three Spider-Man series focused on varying versions of Peter Parker, Holland may have a point. It’s no secret the MCU is pushing for more diversity in its future projects, and adding Miles Morales to its roster of heroes would certainly help the studio fulfill that promise.

There’s also the success of Sony’s Into the Spider-Verse to consider. The animated film is Sony’s most critically acclaimed Spider-Man installment, and it even won an Oscar for Best Animated Feature in 2019. Add in its box office success, and there’s no denying moviegoers enjoyed following Miles Morales. For that reason, Holland could be right about a new Spider-Man being a welcome change of pace.

And with Peter and Doctor Strange (Benedict Cumberbatch) opening the multiverse in Spider-Man: No Way Home, both Marvel and Sony have a pathway to bring Miles into the mix. Of course, they could just as easily keep Peter and Miles, with two separate actors playing Spider-Man. With multiple universes coming into play, just about anything’s possible.

Hopefully, fans will have more answers about the future of Spider-Man when Spider-Man: No Way Home finally arrives. The film is currently set to hit theaters on Dec. 17, 2021.