Spider-Man Could Stay in the MCU a Lot Longer Thanks to COVID-19

If there’s one thing that’s clear about the Marvel Cinematic Universe, it’s that the fans have strong feelings about their favorite characters and storylines. So when the news broke that Spider-Man would be leaving the MCU, people were upset.

Although there’s since been a deal made to keep him around for a few more movies, fans still worry about him leaving. 

However, the recent pandemic has produced at least one bright spot for some people. According to some viewers, the fallout from COVID-19 could keep Spider-Man around longer than they thought. 

The plan to keep Spider-Man in the MCU

Tom Holland
Tom Holland | Gareth Cattermole/Getty Images for Disney

Spider-Man is a beloved character in the Marvel films, so an announcement last year about his future had fans upset. Walt Disney Studios had failed to reach an agreement with Sony Pictures Entertainment about the web-slinger’s future, and it had people worried. Could Sony pull Spider-Man out of all future Marvel movies?

They could, but the good news is that the two entertainment giants worked it out. In September, the New York Times reported that a deal was struck that would keep Spider-Man around a little longer.

He will appear in another Marvel feature, the third movie in the “Spider-Man: Homecoming franchise, as well as making an appearance in another, yet unnamed, future MCU movie. 

The agreement was a relief for fans, but at the same time, it left the door open for Spider-Man to leave the MCU in the future. 

Will the pandemic intervene?

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According to Federal News Network, the pandemic hit Sony pretty hard. Not all the news is bad, because sales of hardware and games for Sony’s PlayStation are up, to meet the demands of bored people stuck at home. Digital sales of Sony movies are also strong. But those factors couldn’t compensate for other losses. 

Production of television shows and movies ground to a halt, interrupting a significant source of profit. Sony was also impacted by a lowered need for its music in advertising and public spaces. All of this added up to an 18% drop in quarterly sales and operating revenue. 

Although the fact that the huge entertainment company is struggling can’t be considered good news, Spider-Man fans think it might contain a glimmer of hope for them. 

Fans think COVID-19 has changed things

A recent discussion on Reddit of the next Spider-Man movie led to some speculation about what might happen now that the pandemic has impacted Sony’s bottom line. 

One commenter thought that Sony might have to stay connected to Disney to stay afloat. “Sony Pictures is barely going to survive covid if it does at all. Everything they put out in the first year or two when Hollywood comes back is going to have to be a hit for them. I bet they will play along with Disney for years to come still.”

Others agreed, with one fan pointing out that Sony already relied on the profit from the MCU movies. “The reason why they want to make all these Spider-Man spinoffs and work with Disney, is so that it raises Sony’s value more.”

Fans wouldn’t be sorry to see Spider-Man stay right where he is, even if it means Sony has to lean on Disney for a while. “Knock on wood,” one person said. “I’m afraid that peter is going to be “erased” from the MCU when this is all over.”

People in many industries are struggling with uncertainty as they deal with the fallout from COVID-19. While there have been lots of losses, Spider-Man fans hope that they have found one small silver lining.