‘Spider-Man’ Star Tom Holland’s Marvel Crush Is Scarlet Witch

Every MCU fan might want to know the secret crushes of the franchise’s superheroes, something that still remains fairly tight-lipped within the movies. What about fellow acting crushes in the MCU, though?

No one has ever revealed too much about that, other than Tom Holland when pressed about it in a Q&A. Being still at a relatively young age and not married yet, it was inevitable someone would ask him the crush question.

He had a definite answer, something causing no embarrassment when working together on the set. Three years after his reveal, it seems the actress Holland mentioned might still cross paths with his Spider-Man at one time or another, if probably not leading to real-life romance.

Who was it that Tom Holland had a crush on?

Tom Holland smiling
Tom Holland | Axelle/Bauer-Griffin/Getty Images

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Holland’s answer came directly from a British GQ interview he did in 2017, not long after being introduced as Spider-Man. During the interview, he was asked to choose any particular love interest for his title character.

When answering, Holland decided to offer two answers, one for the characters in question, and one for real life. His answer: Scarlet Witch (Elizabeth Olsen). Said Holland: “I think Scarlet Witch is pretty hot, you know. I think Elizabeth Olsen is super hot and really nice as well. She was really nice to me at the premiere.”

Some might have found this surprising considering the relationship between Spider-Man and MJ (Zendaya) in the new franchise. Nevertheless, it does provide an interesting turn of thought, including providing a “what-if” scenario if Spider-Man really did hook up with Scarlet Witch.

With both characters still very much alive, how would that work out in a future MCU film? Probably not so great, and real life is also a little too late.

What would a Spider-Man/Scarlet Witch pair-up look like?

Before even going there, everyone should keep in mind Spider-Man and MJ appear to not be done. A lot of speculation is going on about what their relationship might be and whether they become romantically closer.

Other speculation has MJ perhaps being revealed as Firestar, allowing her to become closer to Peter Parker by fighting alongside him as a superhero. Having Parker go for someone else like Scarlet Witch would seem kind of harsh after all the developments.

Based on the comic book stories, that never happens anyway, unless the MCU goes their own way. Since Scarlet Witch lost her close romantic companion (Vision), it seems she now lives in a magical fantasy world of making him live again.

If going by the plot of upcoming WandaVision on Disney+, Wanda Maximoff created a virtual world for herself where she lives with Vision in a 1950s-era sitcom. Presumably, she did this to help her mentally cope with Vision’s loss.

What about a hookup in real life?

Chances are small Spider-Man/Peter Parker will link up with Wanda due to her emotional devotion to Vision. Then again, anything could happen. In the realm of reality, Tom Holland linking up with Elizabeth Olsen could have had legs in a different reality.

Back in 2017, it realistically could not have happened since Olsen began dating Robbie Arnett, an indie musician with the group Milo Greene. They became engaged this year besides, making it impossible now for any kind of potential for a Hollolsen.

As for Holland himself, he was recently reported to be single again after rumors of dating his family friend Olivia Bolton. Because of his busy schedule as an actor besides (COVID-19 not withstanding), staying single may be a reality.

Going back to Holland’s 2017 comment about Olsen, though: Latter has said she would never mind spending more time with Spider-Man. In a time when three years seems like 20, it may be forgotten about by the time they ever act alongside one another in the MCU again.