Spider-Man vs. Black Panther: Why Fans Are Convinced T’Challa Would Lose in a Fight

Something that Marvel Cinematic Universe fans love to do in their spare time is to talk about which characters are stronger than another character. Black Panther is a very popular and powerful superhero, but fans actually think there are stronger superheroes.

Despite being a teenager, many fans actually think that Spider-Man would beat Black Panther in a fight. This might seem like a strange idea since T’Challa as Black Panther has beaten a lot of people in fights, such as Killmonger. That said, Peter Parker’s Spider-Man is a deceptively powerful superhero, and here’s why he’d probably beat T’Challa if the two ever fought.

Spider-Man has a lot going for him

Tom Holland on the red carpet
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As Marvel fans on Reddit said, Spider-Man is simply one of the most powerful Avengers in the Marvel universe. He’s powerful in more ways than one, too. For example, as shown in the movies, he’s physically powerful and can move heavy stuff around despite being so young. Not only that, but his Peter tingle, or as it’s more commonly known, his spidey senses, also allow him to detect people and objects before they can hurt him. 

On top of that, his web slingers give him a lot of utility in a fight. As seen in the movies, not only can he use his web slingers to swing around from place to place, but he can also use them to tie people up and prevent them from moving.

And then there’s the Stark tech that his suit gives him. Spider-Man doesn’t need Stark tech to win fights, but, as seen in Spider-Man: Far From Home, he can use Stark tech to attack stuff with drones, too.

Why Spider-Man can beat Black Panther

While T’Challa is a powerful warrior who has a suit that’s made of vibranium and a lot of high-tech weapons that are also made with vibranium, he’s ultimately not that different than superheroes like Iron Man and Captain America, according to Marvel fans.

T’Challa’s main advantage against Spider-Man is that he’s been training to fight for years, while Spider-Man is still a teenager who’s getting the hang of things. 

However, Black Panther, unlike Iron Man or Captain America, can pretty much only attack people by hitting them with his claws. Spider-Man can easily stop that from happening by just using his web slingers to tie Black Panther up. This is one of the main reasons why fans think that Spider-Man would win in a fight, since he can just stop T’Challa from doing anything. 

If that doesn’t work, then fans think that Spider-Man could use his spidey sense to avoid T’Challa’s attacks. If that doesn’t work, then Spider-Man can always resort to using his Stark tech to win. Spider-Man just has so many tools in his arsenal that T’Challa really doesn’t stand a chance. 

The movies don’t show this off well, though


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That said, Marvel fans also admit that the MCU movies haven’t done a good job at showing off how strong Spider-Man is compared to everyone else. That’s because the MCU Spider-Man is still in high school, and he’s still learning just how powerful he really is. For example, even though his suit was equipped with an “instant kill” mode, he didn’t really use it until Avengers: Endgame

On top of that, the main lesson that Spider-Man learns in Spider-Man: Far From Home is that he needs to trust his spidey senses. So, while he does have all of these superpowers, in the movies, he’s still learning and mastering them.

On the other hand, T’Challa has already mastered his powers, so Spider-Man seems weaker than a lot of other superheroes. But in reality, Spider-Man could probably beat most characters in the MCU, if he tried hard enough.