‘Spiderman’ Star Tom Holland Say His Worst Life Advice Came From Mark Wahlberg

It’s common knowledge that older celebrities often help the younger ones out. Being famous is a unique situation, and there aren’t many people who truly understand it. There’s no guidebook to fame, so sometimes the up and coming stars turn to more experienced actors for advice.

Zac Efron famously asked Leonardo DiCaprio for advice on fame, and apparently he got some great advice from him. But not all actors give good advice to their proteges. Tom Holland got some advice from Mark Wahlberg near the beginning of his film career, and he says it was the worst advice he’s ever received. 

Mark Wahlberg gave Tom Holland his worst life advice

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Holland and Wahlberg met on The Graham Norton show in 2017. Holland had already landed the role of Spider-Man in Spider-Man: Homecoming. In fact, he was a Marvel veteran at that point. He played Peter Parker in Captain America: Civil War a year earlier.

Still, Wahlberg apparently felt he needed some advice on how to spend his new-found fortune. Apparently he told Holland “to go crazy.” He wanted Holland to live it up, specifically in LA.

Wahlberg thought Holland should move to California with his brothers, and told the younger star: “I just met all your brothers. Bring the boys to Cali, get a medical marijuana license so that if you use, you have an excuse, and have some fun, dude. Have some fun for me.”

Wahlberg also mentioned that he thought Holland should buy a hot tub to go in his new LA mansion. Holland apparently wasn’t into that advice.

Although Wahlberg probably had the best intentions, excessive partying just isn’t Holland’s style. Even though he made it big at such a young age, he’s just 24, he has a lot of life experience packed into a short amount of time. Blowing all his cash on weed and “a jacuzzi” isn’t Holland’s style. 

Tom Holland is used to putting his nose to the grindstone 

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In just a few years, Holland accumulated a lot of work experience. He started acting young. Holland starred in a stage production of Billy Elliot: The Musical. That was back in 2008 when he was just 12 years old.

But he wasn’t handed the part. Holland had his eye on the part of Billy Elliot for two years before being cast. He had to sharpen his ballet skills in order to be able to get the part, which meant practicing every day in the gym. 

Apparently, young boys didn’t think Holland’s ballet practice was exactly cool. He says that kids at his all-boys school were pretty vicious thanks to his ballet dancing. According to Holland, they used to spy on his classes.

He said: “So you have kids looking through the windows. To a bunch of 10-year-olds who all play rugby, Tom Holland doing ballet in the gym isn’t that cool.” 

Tom Holland has a backup plan 

Tom Holland smiling
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Holland stuck with ballet, despite the fact that he was being made fun of. He had the last laugh when he was cast as Billy Elliot.

But despite his early success, there was a point when things were not going so well for Holland. He hit a dry spell where he wasn’t landing any new jobs, so his mother sent him to carpentry school. 

Most of the men in Holland’s family were carpenters, so it made sense that it would be his backup plan. He never did finish his program, however, because he was called back for the Spider-Man role.

But it’s clear that he’s not the type of person to blow all his freshly made cash on a jacuzzi and fancy Hollywood house. Holland is hardworking, and serious, which is why he didn’t end up taking Wahlberg’s advice.