Yes, the Spiders in the Billie Eilish ‘You Should See Me in the Crown’ Music Video Are Real

Her music videos are a little creepy and scary, but that’s what makes them so unique. In fact, Billie Eilish did a few of her own stunts for these videos, including the spider moment in “You Should See Me in the Crown.” For one interview, Billie Eilish shared which of her music video stunts are real, really painful, and which were CGI effects. 

Billie Eilish put spiders on her face for the ‘You Should See Me in the Crown’ music video

In real life, Billie Eilish actually loves spiders. She has a pet spider, a tarantula that made an appearance on The Late Late Show with James Corden. In her music videos, though, Billie Eilish even did a stunt with spiders. 

For “You Should See Me in the Crown,” the artist confirmed that her face was covered in the arachnid, one of which even played around on her hands for a little while. This wouldn’t be the first time, though, that Billie Eilish did real stunts instead of just CGI-ing effects. 

Billie Eilish actually had black in her eyes for the ‘When the Party’s Over’ music video

Another video that was pretty much completely real was the “When the Party’s Over” music video, which included a black liquid coming out of Billie Eilish’s eyes. (The liquid came out of a tube, but it looked real nonetheless.)

Billie Eilish even shared that the liquid went into her eyes a little, stinging the artist as she performed. Because of the nature of some of the music video stunts, Billie Eilish wasn’t able to do all of them in real life. 

Billie Eilish performs with FINNEAS from home
Billie Eilish performs with FINNEAS from home | FOX via Getty Images

Not all of her music video stunts are real

Perhaps one of her best-known music videos, “Bury a Friend” includes a number of spooky surprises for viewers. One part includes Billie Eilish’s back exposed, being injected with a black liquid. While this was the artists’ idea, the needles weren’t real.

“That was my idea. I drew that in my notebook,” Billie Eilish said, according to Popbuzz. “I was like I want to do it exactly like this. I had that idea forever. And that was also me like I wanna show my skin in a video for the first time ever. And so I was like I’m gonna show my back because that’s such a weird place to start. Oh and I want a bunch of people to put big needle syringes in my back.”

“We were having one of the final meetings with the director and choreographers and stuff,” she continued. “And we were talking about the needles and I was like ‘I’m gonna be able to do that right?’ And he was like ‘actually that’s the one part that we can’t. Well, because if we put needles in your back and squirt black into them, you die.’ So I would have died.”

Music by Billie Eilish and Finneas, including the Grammy award-winning album When We All Fall Asleep, Where Do We Go?, is available for streaming on music platforms like Spotify and Apple Music. 

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