‘Spooki Viki’: 40 Title List of Must-Watch Movies, K-Dramas, and More for Halloween

Spooky season is here, as many television channels are well into their Halloween setlist of movies. Korean drama and movies fans have nothing to fear as the Asian streaming platform Viki created their list of must-watch K-dramas, movies, and foreign content to watch for Halloween. These Halloween dramas and movies range from apocalyptic horror, crime, fantasy, and the supernatural.

K-drama fans will recognize many of the titles from the list, like Sell Your Haunted House to a fan-favorite, Tale of the Nine-Tailed. “Spooki Viki” also includes new watch-worthy dramas from Mainland China, Taiwan, and Japan to bite into.

'Tell Me What You Saw,' The Living Dead,' and 'Scholar Who Walks the Night' K-drama and Halloween dramas split posters
‘Tell Me What You Saw,’ The Living Dead,’ and ‘Scholar Who Walks the Night’ Korean and Chinese drama and movie | via Viki

The dramas and movies in the “Spooki Viki” list are based on popularity and most-watched. In the number one spot is the highly acclaimed zombie movie Train to Busan. The 2016 action-horror stars South Korean actor Gong Yoo as Seo Seok-woo. The storyline entails a zombie outbreak as Seok-woo travels by train with his daughter. Train to Busan became a sensation in the horror genre and will soon get an American remake.

Part of the Viki list is Train to Busan’s standalone sequel movie, Peninsula. A soldier and his team are to retrieve a large sum of money from the abandoned Korean peninsula now inhabited by zombies.

The list also includes a movie by K-drama actor Park Seo-joon. The Divine Fury stars Park as an MMA fighter who finds himself plagued with bizarre nightmares and a mark on his hand. After seeking help from a priest, he faces impending doom as they must stop an evil demon from rising.

The ‘Spooki Viki’ is full of non-stop Halloween K-drama content

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K-drama fans have the ultimate setlist of dramas to watch for the Halloween season. “Spooki Viki” has a plethora of Halloween dramas ranging from chilling murder crime thrillers, fantasy, and the supernatural. A bonus is Korean Ghost Stories-2008, where actors recreate terrifying ghost stories from folklore and legends.

Some of the K-dramas on Viki’s list are classics like Tale of the Nine-Tailed, centered around a gumiho and fated love. Fantasy-historical K-dramas, The Scholar Who Walks the Night and Tale of Arang take fans back in time with ghosts and vampires. The 2021 K-drama Sell Your Haunted House will intrigue fans of SurrealEstate as it chronicles a real-estate agent who eradicates properties with trapped spirits.

Fans of 2PM’s Taecyeon can also binge-watch his most recognized drama, Bring It On Ghost. The extensive list by Viki includes some of the most talked-about crime dramas involving spine-chilling serial killers. Voice 4, Tell Me What You Saw, Kill It, and The Culprit all entail the brutal storyline of hunting down a mad killer before it is too late. According to Soompi, the Voice K-drama has multiple seasons to binge and has one of the most memorable killers.

‘The Living Dead’ is a Mainland China movie drama about evil spirits

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Drama, fantasy, thrill, and the supernatural are not limited to only South Korean content. “Spooki Viki” includes content from mainland China, Japan, Taiwan, and more. The Living Dead is a Chinese supernatural period movie. If you’re looking for a good crime drama, The Devotion of Suspect X centers around a character helping his neighbor cover up a crime.

The Taiwanese movie 76 Horror Bookstore is the definition of suspense for the Halloween season. The movie brings to life terrifying horror tales in four segments. The Japanese drama Influence is only five episodes. Yuri Totsuka (Kanna Hashimoto) has a falling out with her friend. When her friend is attacked, Yuri steps in to help. In a horrible twist, Yuri gets involved in a murder by accident.

Watch the ‘Spooki Viki’ setlist here.