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Spy x Family Season 1 just finished its first cour, and the anime will return for another batch of episodes this October. Its initial chapters established the dynamics of the Forger family, as well as Twilight’s objectives for Operation Strix. Of course, the setup left many fans eager for more hilarity and espionage. It also raised a few major questions heading into Spy x Family Season 1 Part 2.

[Warning: Spoilers ahead for Spy x Family Episodes 1-12.]

1. What is Donovan Desmond planning, and will he make a move when ‘Spy x Family’ returns?

One of the biggest developments to arise during recent episodes of Spy x Family Season 1 was Twilight receiving notice of suspicious activity surrounding Donovan Desmond. The early episodes talk about the threat Donovan poses, but they don’t delve too deeply into Twilight’s target. With his supervisor suggesting something big could happen soon, we may learn more in Spy x Family Season 1 Part 2.

For now, it seems financial dealings around Desmond are the agency’s main concern. However, we don’t know what he’s planning beyond “war” between the East and West. Hopefully, the anime’s second cour will place a heavier emphasis on Operation Strix and its reason for existing.

Now that the Forgers are established, we’re ready to dig into the political plotline.

2. Will Twilight and Yor find out about Anya’s telepathy?

Yor, Anya, and Loid in 'Spy x Family,' which returns for season 1 part 2 in October. Anya is wearing a red uniform, standing in front of her parents, and pointing up at something.
Yor, Anya, and Loid Forger | © Tatsuya Endo/Shueisha, SPY x FAMILY Project

Anya Forger’s adoptive parents don’t know about her telepathy, but Spy x Family Season 1 Part 2 could change that. Twilight became suspicious of Anya’s inklings during their volunteer trip to the hospital. However, Anya corrected course and distracted him before he could think too deeply about the situation.

Still, it seems inevitable the Forgers will find out what Anya’s capable of in the future. She’s used her abilities to help them on numerous occasions — and that’s not to mention she runs the risk of being recognized. We know Anya fled from the people who gave her powers, but the series hasn’t explained who they are. They’ll likely show up again later on.

We’re hoping the second cour starts offering up some answers about Anya’s past — and perhaps sees her parents catching on to her powers as well.

3. Who’s the dog teased at the end of ‘Spy x Family’ Season 1 Part 1?


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The end of Spy x Family‘s first cour teased the possibility of a new addition to the Forger family in season 1 part 2. After Anya is awarded a Stella star for saving a drowning child, she asks Loid and Yor if they can get a dog. The two seem open to the idea, and the final moments of Spy x Family Episode 11 tease which pup they’ll end wind with.

A glimpse at the kennel shows a huge, white dog who may bring even more secrets into the Forger household. The dog has a vision of his future family, meaning he probably has extraordinary powers as well. Can he see the future? That would come in handy alongside Anya’s ability — even if Twilight doesn’t know about either of them.

We’ll have to wait and see what the dog’s story is when the anime returns. Fortunately, the wait for new episodes won’t be too brutal.

Spy x Family Season 1 Part 2 premieres in October 2022.