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Spy x Family recently made its debut, and the anime is drawing fans worldwide with its charming main characters. Despite their double lives — or perhaps because of them — the Forgers are capturing viewers’ hearts. That’s especially true of Anya, but her secrets could eventually put all of Spy x Family‘s leads in danger.

‘Spy x Family’ raises some major questions about Anya

Anya and Loid in episode 1 of 'Spy x Family.' The two are staring at one another while she holds a stuffed lion.
Anya and Loid in ‘Spy x Family’ | © Tatsuya Endo/Shueisha

Spy x Family introduces Anya as a relatively upbeat child, but the anime alludes to a darker backstory for the character. Despite her young age, it seems Anya’s been through a lot already. When Twilight adopts her, he’s told she’s had multiple homes. And although he doesn’t know it, she wound up in those homes after running away from an organization that experimented on her.

That appears to be how Anya got her telepathic powers, but the details of her former life remain under wraps. It seems likely someone wanted to use her abilities to achieve their ends. And that person could bring trouble to the Forgers’ doorstep down the line.

How Anya’s backstory could bring danger to the Forgers’ doorstep

For the moment, Anya seems to be safe from whoever is responsible for her telepathy, but that could change as Spy x Family continues.

If Anya had to run away from whatever organization was experimenting on her, it’s possible they’re still trying to track her down. And they could eventually find her. In fact, if they’re associated with Westalis’ or Ostania’s governments, they might manage it without even looking.

After all, Anya’s now in close proximity to Twilight and Yor — two characters who regularly work for high-profile individuals. Operation Strix involves getting close to political figures, so if Anya’s powers are connected to the government, her enrollment at Eden Academy could put them all at risk.

With that in mind, will season 1 provide viewers with answers about Anya’s backstory? It may not reveal everything, but hopefully, we’ll get a few clues about where she came from.

Will ‘Spy x Family’ Season 1 offer answers?


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While Anya’s backstory seems likely to come into play at some point during Spy x Family, it’s hard to say if the anime will offer answers in season 1. The show is still establishing the relationships between its main characters, and it needs to get Operation Strix off the ground. It seems early to bring in an enemy organization. But that doesn’t mean fans won’t get more insight into Anya’s history.

The preview for Spy x Family Episode 4 shows Anya crying, so it’s possible we’ll see a new side of her. Perhaps her acceptance interview will shed light on who she was before — even if she can’t be upfront about everything.

New episodes of Spy x Family drop on Crunchyroll and Hulu every Saturday.