‘Spy x Family’ Episode 2 Recap: Twilight Ties the Knot

Spy x Family introduces Twilight — or Loid Forger, if you prefer — and Anya during its premiere, and the anime sees them making progress on Operation Strix. Anya passes the test to get into Eden Academy in episode 1. However, she and Twilight soon realize she’ll need a mother present for the school’s acceptance interview. Spy x Family Episode 2 introduces the final member of their chaotic family. And Yor will fit right in with her new husband and child.

[Warning: This recap contains major spoilers for Spy x Family Episode 2, “Secure a Wife.”]

‘Spy x Family’ Episode 2 introduces Yor

Yor and Loid Forger in 'Spy x Family' Episode 2. They're facing one another in front of a store window and smiling.
Yor and Loid in ‘Spy x Family’ | © Tatsuya Endo/Shueisha

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Spy x Family Episode 2 opens with Twilight and Franky attempting to solve the missing wife problem, but their fix doesn’t work out as planned. Dressing Franky up as a woman proves a fruitless endeavor. Even Anya isn’t impressed with his motherly disguise.

The second installment then jumps to Yor, a young woman working in an office full of judgmental and nosy colleagues. From the start of “Secure a Wife,” they question the fact that Yor is single. Even her brother wonders at her lack of a husband. He suggests single women are regarded as suspicious, especially with an increasing number of spies being exposed.

Given that Yor spends her evenings as the assassin “Thorn Princess,” she can’t exactly draw attention to herself. She decides she needs to find a partner — not just for one of her coworker’s parties, but to throw suspicion off herself moving forward. In a moment of good luck, she runs into Loid and Anya at a dress shop.

She and Loid hit it off almost immediately in Spy x Family Episode 2. And although he doesn’t tell her about his true identity, the two make an honest deal: he’ll pretend to be her boyfriend for her coworker’s party, and she’ll fill in as Anya’s mother for the acceptance interview.

Twilight balances finding love with a second mission

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Twilight’s busy in Spy x Family Episode 2, as he’s tasked with a separate mission in addition to finding a wife for Operation Strix. The organization he works for asks him to take down a smuggling operation. Unfortunately, he needs to strike the same night as Yor’s party, meaning he’s in for some serious multitasking.

The spy convinces Franky to help him, telling his informant he can take one of the many artifacts they secure from the smuggling ring as payment. And the two successfully complete their mission with enough time for Twilight to make it to Yor’s party. Sure, he’s covered in blood — but he explains it away using his psychiatry profession, blaming a patient for his tardiness and beat-up appearance.

He and Yor face her petty coworkers with an admirable amount of confidence and grace, but they aren’t the only opponents the pair takes on episode 2. They also get attacked by the smuggling ring on the way home from their date. And it pushes them to tie the knot, something that benefits both of their professions.

Twilight and Yor tie the knot in ‘Spy x Family’ Episode 2

Yor and Loid Forger in 'Spy x Family' Episode 2. They're kneeling and holding hands behind a dumpster, and it looks like there's an explosion happening behind it.
Yor and Loid Forger | © Tatsuya Endo/Shueisha

That’s right, Loid and Yor decide to get married while butting heads with the smuggling ring from Twilight’s earlier mission. Spy x Family Episode 2 proves they’re a perfect match, with Yor easily keeping up with Loid. She doesn’t even seem suspicious that he keeps blaming these incidents on his patients, though she probably sees through his lies.

She agrees to marry him anyway, seeing how it can benefit her own secretive profession. And although the duo is none the wiser about their true identities, they’ll fit together nicely for now. Whether their jobs will pit them against each other down the line is another story. For now, they’ll be shifting focus to other matters — like Anya’s acceptance into Eden Academy.

The first two episodes of Spy x Family are currently streaming on Crunchyroll and Hulu.

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