‘Spy x Family’: Project Apple, Explained


  • Spy x Family Part 2 fully introduces the Forgers’ dog, a product of Project Apple.
  • Project Apple explains why the Forger family’s pup has extraordinary abilities.
  • The people behind Project Apple could be responsible for Anya’s powers as well.
Anya riding on a big, white dog who is a product of Project Apple during 'Spy x Family' Part 2's premiere. She's holding on tightly and looks scared.
Anya Forger in ‘Spy x Family’ | Tatsuya Endo/Shueisha, Spy x Family Project

Spy x Family Part 2 has officially made its debut, and the anime’s latest chapter kicks off with the Forger family looking for a dog. Loid — or Twilight, if you prefer — finds himself dragged into a mission during their search. And Anya gets wrapped up in it, too, mostly thanks to the big white dog we met at the end of Spy x Family Part 1. This week’s episode confirms that the pup has extraordinary powers. According to Twilight’s Handler, he got them from Project Apple. What exactly is that?

[Warning: Spoilers ahead for Spy x Family Part 2 Episode 1, “Project Apple.”]

What is Project Apple in ‘Spy x Family’?

Spy x Family Part 2 combines two storylines during its premiere: the Forgers’ search for a new dog and a mission to stop a terrorist attack from taking place.

Twilight thinks his mission is separate from his family’s outing, but the two are more related than they appear. The group of terrorists plans to assassinate Foreign Minister Brantz during a summit, using bomb-carrying dogs to fuel their attack. One of those pups is the big, white one we saw at the end of Spy x Family Part 1 — the same dog who seemingly had a vision of the Forger family from his kennel.

According to Twilight’s Handler, these pups are the product of an experiment known as Project Apple. It seems Ostania’s previous government is responsible for the visions the Forgers’ pup is having. In fact, the government experimented on a number of creatures, attempting “to create animals with a terrifyingly high IQ for military purposes.”

And although Project Apple seemingly “came to a standstill,” it produced more than the “mediocre results” Twilight mentions. In fact, it created a dog with extraordinary abilities — though only Anya seems to know it.

Project Apple explains why the Forger family’s dog has powers

That’s right, Spy x Family Part 2 Episode 1 confirms that the Forgers’ dog-to-be has supernatural abilities, and they seem to be the result of Project Apple.

At the beginning of the episode, the Forgers’ dog saves a little boy from being crushed by a falling sign. He also recognizes Anya from his vision, and he successfully predicts when a phone will distract the terrorists and give them an opening to escape.

As such, it seems Anya’s new friend can see into the future. There doesn’t appear to be much rhyme or reason behind the visions he has. But whatever happened to him during Project Apple altered him in a way that only Anya currently realizes.

And one has to wonder if Project Apple is behind Anya’s telepathy as well.

Could the same people be behind Anya’s telepathy?


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Twilight’s Handler only mentions animals when discussing Project Apple, but Spy x Family raises another question by introducing the initiative: could Ostania’s government have experimented on kids as well?

The anime has yet to delve too deeply into Anya Forger’s history. However, we know her telepathy stems from similar experiments. We also know she ran away from the people responsible for her powers. Could Spy x Family be setting up a future villain through Project Apple and Anya?

We’ll have to keep watching to see if that’s where the anime is headed. But having two characters obtain powers through experiments gone wrong feels like a big coincidence — maybe too much of a coincidence if we’re being honest.

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