‘Squid Game’: Director Teases Fans With a Never Before Seen Clip of Front Man – and a Mystery Man

Netflix’s Tudum event did not give fans exactly what they wanted regarding an update of Squid Game Season 2. Fans are well aware the K-drama’s second season will follow Seong Gi-hun as he fleshes out the creators of the Games and learns more about Front Man. As the Squid Game is still in the construction phase, the director gave fans an ominous unreleased clip of Front Man and a mystery.

Actor Lee Byung-hu as Front Man in 'Squid Game.'
Actor Lee Byung-hu as Front Man in ‘Squid Game’ | via Netflix

Who is the masked Front Man in ‘Squid Game’?

In a harsh world is the reality of the elite. Hwang Dong-hyuk’s Squid Game takes viewers into a broken capitalist society as its main characters are down on their luck and see no other way out of their predicament. When given the opportunity to enter the Games, they take a chance. At the end of the journey is $456 million in blood money while competing in childhood games.

But no grand hidden tournament can function without its puppeteer. Squid Game introduces a masked figure named Front Man. The ominous character’s face is never revealed for the majority of the drama. But fans pick up on a few hints like his ability to speak English. In the finale, fans learn the truth. Front Man’s real name is Hwang In-ho, played by Korean Hollywood actor Lee Byung-hu.

The overseer is detective Jun-ho’s older brother, who went missing years ago. The pieces come together as Jun-ho finds a list of previous winners. In 2015, In-ho won the Games, and it was confirmed after checking the player log.

Before the Squid Game finale, Jun-ho is caught and chased to the island’s edge. He soon learns the heartbreaking truth that Front Man is his older brother. With no choice, In-ho shoots his brother, plunging him into the ocean. Hwang explains Squid Game Season 2 will explore Front Man’s story, and the unreleased clip may have given a taste.

The unreleased ‘Squid Game’ clip shows Front Man and a mystery man

At the end of Netflix’s Tudum Korea event on September 23, fans got a special message from director Hwang. He hopes fans will look forward to Squid Game Season 2, filled with brand new stories. But seeing as Hwang is still in the writing phase for the new season, he gave fans another treat. An unreleased clip from Squid Game reveals a first-time look at Front Man before adorning the mask.

The clip begins with an unknown figure walking the hallway of an apartment building. In his hand is a bag filled with water and two goldfish. As he enters his apartment and empties the bag into a fish bowl, he crouches down and reveals his face. It is none other than In-ho, likely before he became Front Man. But the real mystery is at the end of the clip. Outside In-ho’s apartment is an unknown hidden male figure wearing a baseball cap. The angle of the camera gives away nothing of who the man is.

There is a possible theory. The Squid Game scene could have taken place before In-ho became the Games puppeteer after winning. Could it be that the man outside the apartment was the Games’ previous winner seeking to recruit In-ho to become the Front Man? According to the winner log, the winner in 2014 was a man named Kim Dae-woo. The scene might be simper and be In-ho’s brother trying to muster the courage to see him.

What is in store for ‘Squid Game’ Season 2?

Director Hwang promises Squid Game Season 2 will have bigger and better games than the first season. He has already teased fans that the new season will take place after the cliffhanger finale. But Gi-hun will be a changed man after what he experienced in the Games. According to Deadline, “You know he turned his hair color to red, and he became like something more like, serious, more like going for revenge so his character will be totally different.”


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Alongside Gi-hun will be the story of Front Man. His story will be unearthed as Gi-hun looks for information about the secret organization’s creators and workers, with Front Man being a main interest. Fans also hope to see more of In-ho’s story with his younger brother and hopefully the return of Jun-ho in the second season.

Squid Game Season 2 is speculated to premiere in 2023 or 2024.