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Everyone is clamoring for news about Squid Game Season 2 and director Hwang Dong-hyuk spilled the tea. At Deadline’s annual Contenders Television panel, the director and actor Park Hae-soo were asked about the success of the K-drama since its release and what can fans expect from the new season. The director confirms the return of a leading character like Frontman for Squid Game Season 2.

Frontman for 'Squid Game' Season 2 wearing black mask and jacket.
Frontman for ‘Squid Game’ | via Netflix

Director Hwang Dong-hyuk is still in the planning stages of ‘Squid Game’ Season 2

Squid Game transcended all other K-dramas by becoming the first to hit global fame on Netflix will billions of views within its first 28 days. The success of the K-drama led fans to hope it would break its one-season rule and continue its storyline after the jaw-dropping cliffhanger. Their dream came true when director Hwang revealed he was willing to create a Squid Game Season 2.

Netflix later confirmed they are working with Hwang for a new season. Hwang even teased he sees a third season in the future. Fans have been wanting more concrete information about how the new season will play out.

There have been many theories from fans based on the cliffhangers and where they want to see the surviving characters go next. Hwang has previously revealed Seong Gi-hun will definitely return for the new season. Fans have theorized multiple scenarios and the Squid Game director has explained the character will dive deep into uncovering the creators of the Game. But he admits he is still working out the storyline.

The information fans want to know most of all is what actors and characters will make their return. While the K-drama ended in many heartbreaking deaths, Hwang and the cast have been teasing fans. The director officially confirmed Frontman will return for Squid Game Season 2.

The mysterious story of Frontman will hopefully be explored in ‘Squid Game’ Season 2

Deadline’s annual Contenders Television panel gave fans the ultimate nugget of valuable information from director Hwang about Squid Game Season 2. The panel was hosted by Deadline TV editor Peter White, who asked the director if he could give some insight into the new season.

The director explained he is still unsure of the nitty-gritty details but has a general idea of the storyline. Park comically chimed in asking if his character would be involved. Hwang answered, “You might be in season two. You’ll see.”

The biggest reveal from the interview came when White asked Hwang what characters from season one would make their return.

“Gi-hun for sure. He will be back and I believe the Front Man will back too,” Hwang said. Fans of Squid Game know very well what the character’s return could mean. His story was only teased in the K-drama and his connection to another main character. As Hwang has explained, Gi-hun will look to flesh out the Games, its creators, and its facilitator.

Frontman has a bigger story to tell than what was seen in the K-drama


‘Squid Game’ Season 2: Lee Jung-jae Has an Interesting Idea to Bring Back Characters

In the Netflix K-drama, fans can feel the mysterious aura surrounding Frontman. He wore a black straight-line jacket and a unique black face mask. Throughout the drama, his face is never seen. The most fans learn is that he is able to speak in English.

As the drama progressed, snippets of his story started to unfold. He is the Games facilitator and assures everything goes as planned. Fans soon learn his real identity and part of his backstory. His real name is Hwang In-ho (Lee Byung-hyun). He is the older brother of detective Hwang Jun-ho (Wi Ha-joon).

The reason why Jun-ho snuck into the Games was to find his missing brother. He knows the Games had something to do with it. In the finale episodes of Squid Game, Jun-ho is about to die and Frontman removes his mask to show his real identity to his younger brother. Jun-ho supposedly dies at the hands of In-ho.

In the drama, fans noticed the player log revealed that In-ho also participated in the Games four years ago. He was also the winner. Fans hope Squid Game Season 2 further explores why and how In-ho stayed to become the Frontman.