‘Squid Game’ Season 2: Lee Jung-jae Has an Interesting Idea to Bring Back Characters

On the red carpet for the 2022 Screen Actors Guild Awards, reporters could not help themselves and asked the Squid Game cast about season two. Director Hwang Dong-hyuk has teased where the storyline could be headed for Squid Game Season 2 before. Fans are still curious to see if the deceased characters could return. On the red carpet for the SAG Awards, Lee Jung-jae has a unique idea of how it could happen in Squid Game Season 2

'Squid Game' actor Lee Jung-jae at SAG Awards surrounded by the cast.
‘Squid Game’ actor Lee Jung-jae at SAG Awards | Rich Fury via Getty Images

What characters died in ‘Squid Game’?

Fans were in for many heartbreaking deaths in the Netflix K-drama as there could only be one winner out of 456 participants. A majority of the character fans met, in the beginning, met an unwelcome death. Jang Deok-su and Han Mi-nyeo died together during the glass bridge game. Mi-nyeo felt betrayed by the gangster using her and vowed her revenge with his death.

During the marbles game, fans wept as supporting character Ji-yeon sacrificed herself for Sae-byeok. The game also led to one of the K-drama’s biggest betrayals by Cho Sang-woo against Ali Abdul. It was also the supposed death of Il-nam. Detective Jun-ho is shot by the Frontman and falls off a cliff.

The last deaths in the K-drama were in the finale when Sae-byeok was betrayed by Sang-woo and killed before the final game. In the end, Sang-woo knows only one of them can survive and kills himself so Gi-hun can win. Despite the concrete deaths, fans have hoped some characters will return, and Squid Game’s Lee Jung-jae has an idea of how.

Lee Jung-jae gives an idea on how dead character can return in ‘Squid Game’ Season 2

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On the SAG Awards red carpet, Entertainment Weekly’s Nischelle Turner asked the cast of Squid Game a few questions. In the interview, Turner wanted an inside scoop on what could happen in Squid Game Season 2. Among HoYeon Jung, Park Hae-soo, Kim Joo-ryoung, Anupam Tripathi, and Lee, Lee is the only character alive in Squid Game.

Turner asked the cast if season two would include flashbacks or the possibility of certain dead characters returning. Jung answers that Lee has an interesting theory or idea.

“So my idea is that the masked men took all of them and made sure they came back to life,” explained Lee. The masked men he is likely referring to are the guards wearing black masks and red jumpsuits. They are responsible for taking care of the players and disposing of their bodies. Fans and the players have no idea about their true identities.

Is Lee’s idea possible for Squid Game Season 2? There are no clues or indicators who what could really happen in the new season or if the guards will be heavily involved. Seeing as the red jumpsuit characters were anonymous, there is a lot to explore. The brutal deaths of the main characters do leave little room for a possible resurrection.

What do fans know so far about ‘Squid Game’ Season 2?

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K-dramas rarely surpass the one-season mark. With the success of Squid Game, fans want more after the cliffhanger ending. While the director was originally hesitant to continue for a second season, he had a storyline idea in mind. After a while, the director confirmed he was working on a Squid Game Season 2 and talking with Netflix.

According to Soompi, season two will bring back Gi-hun and continue his story. “The focus will be the story of Seong Gi-hun unraveling [the mysteries of the organization behind the game],” said Hwang. “The overarching plotline of Season 2 will be the story of the people that Gi-hun meets and the people he chases after.”

There is no official start date for Squid Game Season 2 or when Lee will reprise his role. Fans have working theories of what could happen, like Gi-hun learning more about Frontman, the organization, or if certain “dead” characters return.

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