‘Squid Game’ Is Still Way More Popular than ‘Stranger Things’ Season 4

Netflix has amassed to develop some of entertainment’s most recognized series, with Squid Game leading as a global phenomenon. Rivaling the K-drama is Stranger Things, which is in its fourth season with two more episodes to go. Stranger Things Season 4 premiered on May 25 and has completed its 28-day run on Netflix. While the Stranger Things 4 is in the Top 10, Squid Game beats the series regarding most hours watched.

K-drama fans would have never believed Squid Game would have amassed to fame that it did after its premiere in 2021. Netflix has developed popular K-dramas before, but none to the magnitude of Squid Game. Created and directed by Hwang Dong-hyuk, 456 players fight to win the ultimate cash prize by risking their lives playing childhood games.

The storyline captured attention for its bloody brutality and intricate lesson on a broken capitalist society. All while showing the dark side of the elite and the lack of human morality. Within its first 28 days on Netflix, Squid Game broke the record for the most hours watched for a non-English series.

According to Netflix’s Top 10 list, Squid Game amassed 1.6 billion hours watched, beating out Stranger Things Season 4, despite its immense popularity. Stranger Things Season 4 gained 930 million views in its first 28 days. With Squid Game Season 2 in the works, the question is if it will stay on its high streak as the first season.

‘Stranger Things’ Season 4 is the most popular English language series

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There is denying that Stranger Things 4 has fans in a frenzy. As the Duffer brothers promised, the season was absolute horror, unlike any other. Vecna has proven to be the most formidable and evil villain the characters have ever faced. The season has fans fearing the worst for their beloved favorites.

With seven episodes in the first part of Stranger Things 4, the season has become the most popular English language series on Netflix. With its 930 million hours watched by fans, the season has beaten Bridgerton Season 2.

The time period romance drama from Netflix was the talk of the town and the ton. The Bridgerton viscount finds himself in a compelling love triangle as he hopes to find a bride. Within its first 28 days, Bridgerton Season 2 gained 656 million hours watched. Fans tuned in to almost 200 million hours more for Stranger Things than they did for Anthony and Kate’s steaming love story.

There are still four hours left in ‘Stranger Things’ Season 4

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Some fans may believe Stranger Things 4 still has a chance to beat out Squid Game as there are still two finale episodes left. But sadly, the two episodes do not count within the 28-day time frame. Fans will get to watch the finale on July 1st at 3 a.m. EST.

The episodes total almost 4 hours of riveting storyline that will have fans fearing the worst. Based on multiple theories, fans speculate more than one main character will die. The Duffer brothers confirmed no character is safe in the finale. Will the beloved metalhead Eddie Munson be the sacrificial lamb? Or will Steve Harrington die a hero?

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