‘Squid Game’: What Is Wi Ha-Joon’s Ideal Type?

The cast of Squid Game on Netflix has fans in a frenzy fangirling over HoYeon Jung, Park Hae-soo, Lee Jung-jae, and Wi Ha-joon. The Korean drama’s immense global success pushed the actors to the top of the most searched list and flooded their social media accounts with followers.

Since the K-drama’s debut, fans have praised the actors for their superb acting on-screen and visuals. Wi is dominating social media as fans have heart-eyes for the 30-year-old. What is not to love about the rising actor as he loves spending time with his niece and is a talented singer and dancer. While appearing on Jessi Showterveiw, Wi revealed the ideal woman he has in mind for himself.

Wi Ha-Joon from Netflix's 'Squid Game' K-drama wearing black tuxedo doing heart fingers.
Wi Ha-Joon attends the 55th Baeksang Arts Awards | Han Myung- Gu/WireImage via Getty Images

Wi Ha-joon plays a police officer infiltrating the Game in Netflix’s ‘Squid Game’

In Squid Game, Wi plays a main supporting role as a police officer plagued by the mystery of his older brother’s disappearance. Hwang Jun-jo (Wi) had a clue his brother’s disappearance links back to the Game as he investigates other missing person reports. After witnessing Gi-hun try to report the Game to the police, he connects the dots. He disguised himself as a guard and infiltrated the Game and its facility.

Wi’s portrayal of the character gained him popularity amongst fans. In an interview with Vulture, Wi paid a lot of attention to portraying Jun-ho’s emotional development through his eyes and body language. Along with Wi’s acting skills, fans became enamored by handsome features and physique.

In regards to Asian men being seen as sex symbols, Wi commented, “I hope that, not just me, but many [Asian] actors in the future can meet fans globally through roles that are righteous, cool, and that are sexy and attractive on-screen.”

What does the ‘Squid Game’ actor look for in a partner?

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In July, Wi appeared on Jessi Showterview with his Shark: The Beginning movie co-stars. Jessi Showterview is an online talk show hosted by K-Pop idol and social media sensation Jessi. Wi and his co-stars promoted the movie on Jessi Showterveiw and revealed their ideal type. For Wi, he admits a woman who seems cold-hearted but reveals to be caring and warm once getting to know each other attracts him. Jessi continued to tease the actor in his dialect, stating it sounded like he was describing her.

Shark: The Beginning is a webcomic-based movie about revenge and redemption. Cha Woo-sol (Kim Min-suk) is a bullied student sent to a boy’s facility due to an unfortunate incident. He meets professional fighter Jeong Do-hyeon (Wi) and becomes his saving grace. Woo-sol learns to fight and starts his plan for revenge against his bully.

Wi Ha-joon has played characters in romance based K-dramas

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Fans who are new to K-dramas just became hypnotized by Wi Ha-joon in Netflix’s Squid Game. Wi’s Instagram account skyrocketed to past six million followers since the premiere of the drama. Before the sensational K-drama, the actor was known by K-drama fans for playing characters in the romance genre.

In 2019, Wi played a main supporting role as Ji Seo-joon in Romance is a Bonus Book. Wi’s character starts o develop feelings for the female lead when they cross paths by chance. In the drama, Wi’s character clashes heads with the male lead and forms a love triangle.

18 Again was a 2020 K-drama based on the Zac Efron movie of the same name. In this drama, Wi plays the character Ye Ji-hoon. Ji-hoon is a talented baseball player who raises his niece. He harbors feelings for Jung Da-jung (Kim Ha-neul), an older woman and wife of the male lead. The female character is equivalent to Scarlett O’Donnell (Leslie Mann) in the original movie.

Wi also gained notoriety for playing a ruthless serial killer in the 2021 movie Midnight. Wi’s character becomes obsessed with a deaf female and his next target. The deaf female witnessed him murdering a victim, and he began a hide-and-seek game to kill her.