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The Netflix Korean drama Squid Game is a worldwide sensation and broke a record no other K-drama has done before. Netflix co-CEO calls the drama the best and most successful the platform has ever seen. A significant part of the K-drama’s success is thanks to its leading cast. Actor Wi Ha-Joon plays one of the main characters, Hwang Jun-Ho.

Hwang Jun-Ho is a young detective who wants answers behind his older brother’s disappearance in the K-drama. To find the answers he is looking for, Jun-Ho infiltrates the Games. Squid Game takes popular childhood games and turns them into deadly survival. In an interview, Wi reveals what round of the Game he would surely fail.

[Spoiler alert: This article contains spoilers about Squid Game.]

Actor Wi Ha-Joon as Hwang Jun-Ho for 'Squid Game' on Netflix wearing full black suit for photoshoot
Actor Wi Ha-Joon as Hwang Jun-Ho for ‘Squid Game’ | via Netflix

Hwang Jun-Ho thinks the Games are the reason behind his brother’s disappearance

While Squid Game focuses on its leading players, there is the added storyline of Jun-Ho. He is a detective and the only one who believes Gi-Hun’s (Lee Jung-Jae) story. Jun-Ho starts to investigate the disappearance of multiple people and finds evidence of the Games calling card. Knowing Gi-Hun will re-enter the Game, Jun-Ho tails the van, disguises himself, and becomes a guard.

Throughout the K-drama, Jun-Ho looks for evidence of the Games creators and whether or not his brother was involved. He soon finds a record of each player and learns the Games have been taking place for years, and one of its winners was his brother, five years prior. Jun-Ho’s story ends when the Frontman corners him. The audience and Jun-Ho learn the Frontman is his older brother.

‘Squid Game’s’ Wi Ha-Joon would loose the Game fairly early

According to Soompi, Wi had some thoughts on the K-drama’s fame and what round he would likely lose. If Wi were a player in the Game, he would have lost relatively early on. In the interview, he admits, “If I was to participate, I think I’d be good at all of them except for the Dalgona one. I’m not good at delicate things, so I think I would’ve been eliminated at the Dalgona stage.”

Wi explains he thought Squid Game was the perfect project that viewers would enjoy. Like the rest of his co-stars, no one expected the dream to reach the level of success it did. The cast called each other to congratulate themselves. Like many fans, Wi admits to having binge-watched the K-drama three times.

When talking about his on-screen character, Wi explains, “When I first saw the script, even though Jun Ho didn’t get a lot of screen time, I thought he was incredibly charming because he had his own story and played the role of introducing various events to viewers.”

What was the Dalgona round?


‘Squid Game’: There Were Secret Clues Hidden in Plain Sight

Squid Game entailed six rounds of popular childhood games turned into deadly and fatal events the players had to survive. Some games required strategy and catered to a South Korean audience. One game that is taking over social media is the Dalgona challenge. The game is relatively simple but requires a delicate hand and technique.

The sweet treat is melted sugar mixed with a small amount of baking soda. The mixture is similar to a crunchy honeycomb. The mixture is poured onto a surface, flattened, and a shape is stamped into the candy. The objective of the game is to cut out the shape without breaking it. The rules are simple, but hardened candy can be tricky to work with. Hence why Squid Game’s Wi explains he would likely lose.