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The drama between the stars of OWN’s family-friendly reality series Sweetie Pies is far from over. After a social media battle between former Ike & Tina Turner background singer Robbie “Miss Robbie” Montgomery and her former daughter-in-law, Jenae Wallick, Tim Norman is sharing his side of the story. Norman is denying Wallick’s claim of him being an absentee father. Among other shocking allegations, he claims that Wallick has been bitter since their breakup and is vindictive in her parenting style.

Tim Norman and Miss Robbie
Tim Norman and Miss Robbie via Twitter

Jenae Wallick accuses Tim Norman of being an absentee father

Wallick and Norman split in 2014 after a tumultuous relationship. Wallick moved on and married Arthur Shivers, a fitness enthusiast, and the two welcomed a son together. Despite Wallick’s new marriage, she remained close to Norman’s side of the family, particularly his mother, Miss Robbie.

But Miss Robbie says that in recent weeks, Wallick has not allowed her to spend time with her grandson Timmy, whom Wallick shares with Norman. She made fans of the show aware through a now-deleted Instagram post wishing Timmy a happy birthday. 

Source: Instagram

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“Happy Birthday Timmy! Grandma love you even though I can’t see you. Your daddy side of the family misses you and one day we’ll see you,” she captioned a photo of her with Timmy.

Fans questioned why Wallick would keep Timmy away and Wallick denied Miss Robbie’s claims. The two shared differing accounts of what’s been taking place through multiple social media posts.

Wallick insisted that up until two weeks ago, her and Miss Robbie maintained a close relationship but accused Norman of causing issues between the two. She also denied keeping Timmy away from Norman, alleging that Norman is intentionally absent and has been for the past four years. 

Source: YouTube

Miss Robbie threatened to take Wallick to court for grandparent’s rights so that she could spend more time with Timmy and accused Wallick of being money hungry and angry that Norman ended their relationship.

Wallick shot back with her own claims of Norman being abusive throughout their relationship and pleaded with Miss Robbie to “stop meddling” between the co-parents.

Tim Norman says Jenae Wallick is vindictive, accuses her of cheating and stealing

Norman has spoken out to deny the allegations placed by Wallick. In a lengthy Instagram video, Norman admits that he and Wallick have co-parenting issues but said that Wallick is at fault. He told a story of Wallick allegedly having him set up to be arrested during a typical drop-off with their son.

Source: YouTube

The last time I picked my son up, I had him about an hour and a half and you started blowing me up to bring him back because he had to do his homework and take a bath. And as I get to the house, I take him out his car seat, he run to you. You standing in the garage, he runs into you. I’m bent over in the car, I’m getting his Happy Meal and his toys I bought him and his backpack and you let the garage down on me. And the police come out of the backyard. You had the police waiting on me in the backyard when I was coming to drop my baby off. You set me up!

Tim Norman on Instagram

As a result, Norman admits he has since refused to return to Wallick’s home and prefers that she allow Norman to spend time with Timmy at his place. But according to him, she’s made that difficult. He claims all was well until she stopped allowing Miss Robbie to see Timmy and that Wallick is doing things out of spite.

Source: Instagram

Norman also alleged that Wallick cheated with members of Sweetie Pies production crew, resulting in OWN having to switch crews. He also alleged that Wallick refused to film unless he was in scenes with her. He believes she’s bitter over their breakup and says that she was the abuser in the relationship.

According to Norman, he’s broke after financing her lavish lifestyle during their relationship and since the show ended. He also claims that Wallick reported his family to the IRS and stole money from a business that she started with his cousin.

Though Wallick is married, Norman claims she contacted him crying for him to take her back the night before her wedding. Wallick hasn’t responded to Norman’s claims.