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The Bold and the Beautiful turns up the drama every day on CBS. But now, there’s some real-life drama that’s plaguing the cast. Aaron Spears, who plays Justin on the show, has found himself at the center of the COVID-19 vaccine controversy after his recent comments on Twitter about the matter.

Aaron Spears of The Bold and The Beautiful, pictured here in a publicity photo wearing a blue suit
‘The Bold and the Beautiful’ | Cliff Lipson/CBS via Getty Images

‘The Bold and the Beautiful’ star is against vaccine mandates

Spears recently took to Twitter to share his opinion on the proposed COVID vaccine mandates.


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Initially, The Bold and the Beautiful star’s comments implied that he was against the proposed COVID-19 vaccine mandate. But, in subsequent comments, Spears revealed that he was merely “stirring the pot.”

“How do you know if I’m vaccinated or not?” he asked. “All I’m saying is, don’t force people to do bleep. Period.”

Some fans on Twitter disagree with his statements

Whether he was “stirring the pot” or not, The Bold and the Beautiful fans immediately weighed in with their opinions about the matter.

“Pose that question to the overworked and exhausted healthcare workers, who risk their lives and safety to take care of COVID patients. It’s a big deal to them,” said one fan.

“If you want to get sick, I’m good with that,” wrote another. “But you can’t take away someone else’s right to want to be safe. Covid is spreading because we can’t beat it as long as it continues to mutate in the unvaccinated. Don’t mask up, don’t get vaccinated but stay away from others!”

He’s not the only soap star who has spoken out against COVID vaccine mandates

While The Bold and the Beautiful star seemed to be “stirring the pot” and looking for attention, he’s not the only soap star who has spoken out against the proposed COVID-19 vaccine mandates.

Previously, Ingo Rademacher of General Hospital took a serious stance against the COVID-19 vaccine. Rademacher has been making several postings on social media speaking out against the vaccine. And the debate has gotten so bad that it’s actually caused real-life drama on the GH set.

While other The Bold and the Beautiful stars haven’t spoken out in either direction about the COVID-19 vaccine mandate, we’ll keep you posted if they do.