‘Star Wars’: Behind-the-Scenes Photo Has Fans Disappointed in a Deleted Scene

To millions of devoted fans around the world, Star Wars is as much about what doesn’t make it on the screen as what does.

From George Lucas’ earliest ideas that never came into fruition to movies and shows that didn’t see the light of day, fans are passionate about the process behind the film. When a recent behind-the-scenes picture of an unseen scene appeared on Reddit, several fans wondered why it never made it into the picture. 

‘Star Wars’ magic 

Actor Hayden Christensen
Actor Hayden Christensen | Scott Gries/Getty Images

In a piece for Entertainment Weekly, Jeff Jensen wrote about how movie magic is both the source of every fan’s love and the bane of their existence. Equal parts fan discourse and fan love, the artistry behind Star Wars help bring in new fans who are new to the galaxy far away and turn away fans who want the original films.

“There are those who are content to be merely delighted and dazzled by an entertaining magic trick, and there are those who become obsessed with needing to know how they were so persuasively, thrillingly fooled,” he wrote in the article, which detailed the way that his pedantic insights into the prequel trilogy turned him into something he didn’t like. 

While Jensen isn’t the only person to have done this, he helped offer some insight into how Star Wars fans think. They’ve taken ownership of a property in ways few other franchises could ever do and did so for years before the internet made it even bigger. 

Missing the cut

Star Wars content, old and new, triggers many different responses from those who take it in. Some are fascinated by the movies as a complete product. Others, however, love to see every step of the creative process that unfolded, even in the most reviled films in the saga. To see this, look no further than a Reddit thread which started with a screenshot from a scene that never made it to the final cut. 

Reddit user u/aqquila89 posted an on-set shot featuring Natalie Portman and Hayden Christensen embracing. Portman’s costume, a light gray-sh blue number that’s a far cry from her regal fare, is nothing like the clothes she wears throughout the movie. It’s easy to write this off as a case of merely throwing out a take that didn’t work, but many fans on Reddit noted all the time that likely went into the costume that she wore. 

It’s a factor that u/twilekquinn took to heart as they paid homage to the costume that never saw the light of day. After many people commented on the gorgeous costume, they gave a shout out to those who made it possible. 

“It’s from a deleted scene where she and Anakin visit her family. Can’t imagine how much of a bummer making gorgeous costumes that never make it to the screen must be,” they wrote. 

However, it wouldn’t be a Star Wars thread without a hefty dose of dissent.

A ‘Star Wars’ prom photo


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Other fans were not so smitten with the costume, noting the strange nature of the pose and the expressions on the screen. One fan on

Reddit, u/ur_fave_diabetic noted that it, “looks like a cringe high school couple photo you’d see in 2012.” 

Another fan posted that Portman looked disgusted to even be there in the scene. Others noted the strange timeline of their relationship within the prequel trilogy. 

Like all things Star Wars, nothing is as simple as a matter of opinion. Anything from a throwaway line to a behind-the-scenes photograph can shift somebody’s entire view on the world at large. As such, while images such as this might feel mundane, they help paint the picture that goes on behind the scenes whether they like it, or they don’t.