‘Star Wars’: Darth Vader’s True Feelings About Obi-Wan and Padme’s Relationship May Have Just Been Revealed

Darth Vader is arguably the most iconic supervillain of all-time, and it’s not hard to see why. With his imposing, solemn demeanor, supernatural power, and terrifying mechanical breathing, he embodies pure evil in a way that few characters in the Star Wars universe—or anywhere else in for that matter—could match. 

One of the most interesting things about Vader’s power is the fact that the rage fueling him actually stems from significant pain. Heartbroken over the death of his wife Padme, he relies on the anger from his loss to strengthen his connection to the dark side. 

Toward the end of Revenge of the Sith, it’s implied that Vader’s anger is also tied to a perceived betrayal by Padme and his former master, Obi Wan Kenobi. Fans have speculated that Vader had suspicions that the two were secretly having an affair, and a recent Star Wars comic may confirm just that.

Darth Vader was the most powerful force-wielder in the galaxy

Darth Vader
Darth Vader | Photo credit should read PASCAL GUYOT/AFP via Getty Images)

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From the sequel trilogy to early on in the prequel trilogy, it’s clear that Vader has a power that few can match. Even as a padawan he showed immense potential, chosen to fulfill the prophecy of restoring balance to the force. 

Vader’s uncontrolled emotions and lack of detachment make him unable to follow the path of the Jedi, and he instead succumbs to thd dark side, ruled by fear and passion. Although viewers get a glimpse into his power when he breaks free from his restraints at the conclusion of episode III, his power is more evident in the sequel trilogy and Rogue One, as he’s shown able to choke his subordinates without even laying a finger on them. 

Vader was paranoid about being betrayed

Two prevalent themes in Revenge of the Sith are Vader’s pride and his paranoia. In the beginning of the film (when he’s still Anakin), he’s quite confident in his abilitites as a Jedi and frequently speaks on how he’s surpassed his master, Obi Wan. However, things take a negative turn when he’s not made a Jedi master. He begins to feel that the Jedi Council is shutting him out and seeks control over the senate, and becomes the apprentice of Palpatine.

As he grows closer to the darkside, Anakin’s power steadily increases. He becomes paranoid about Obi Wan and the other Jedi’s intentions as leaders, and this culminates in him and Palpatine forming the Galactic Empire. After (seemingly) all of the Jedi are killed, he has Padme sent to him on Mustafar, but is hit with feelings of betrayal after Obi Wan jumps off of her spaceship behind her. 

Anakin is outraged, believing Padme and  Obi Wan were in cahoots with eachother. In his anger, he kills Padme and is gravely wounded by Obi Wan, making his transformation to Vader complete.

‘Star Wars’ comic seemingly reveals Vader’s feelings

Darth Vader
Darth Vader and his droid | Marvel Comics

In Star Wars: Darth Vader #5, a recently released Star Wars comic book, readers are given another glimpse into the mind of Vader after Padme’s death. Searching for details behind Padme’s death, his droid has found a data bank at an old rebel base and replays video of Padme’s final moments.

According to the comic, Vader and the droid watch her call out Obi Wan’s name repeatedly as she suffers on a table. The droid makes note of this, stating “That name again! He must have been very important to her!” Angered by this remark, Vader subsequently destroys the droid, proving to readers that he surely still has hard feelings about Padme’s relationship with Obi Wan.

While this may not necessarily prove that Vader thought the two were engaged in an affair, it definitely confirms that he felt betrayed by the connection the two had.