‘Star Wars’ Fans Want Chloe Bennet to Star in a Future Live-Action Disney+ Series

Agents of SHIELD has come to an end, but fans of that show can still appreciate what a great ride it was. While Clark Gregg’s Agent Phil Coulson was certainly the center of it all, one star who emerged during the show was none other than another one of the show’s performers, Chloe Bennet.

While that may be all she wrote for Bennet in the MCU, that doesn’t mean she’s done getting roles in big-time properties.

There’s a subset of Star Wars fans who want her to play a character named Doctor Aphra. So who is that character and why would Bennett be good for it? 

Who is Chloe Bennet?

Chloe Bennet
Chloe Bennet | Albert L. Ortega/Getty Images

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According to Bennet’s IMDb bio, she’s best known for her role on Agents of SHIELD as Daisy Johnson (aka Quake).

Bennet was born in Chicago as Chloe Wang. She moved to Beijing at the age of 15 to become a singer as her father is Han Chinese. After performing as a singer there, she found her way back to Los Angeles where she changed her name to Chloe Bennet (using her father’s first name as her new surname) and pursued an acting career.

After landing a few parts prior to Agents of SHIELD, she ended up on the hit MCU show that served as a breakout role for her. Now that the show is over, MCU fans are looking forward to see who she plays next. 

Who is Doctor Aphra?

Chelli Lona Aphra is an archaeologist employed by Darth Vader in many Star Wars comic books. She eventually acts as an agent of Vader, going on secret missions to extract information for him. For example, she goes on one mission to Naboo to find out more about Padme Amidala giving birth. While she’s acting on behalf of the Empire, she does often experience regret for her evil actions. Eventually, she and Vader have a falling out with Vader attempting to kill her. She joins the Rebel Alliance. 

A Disney+ series on the character would be rather interesting. Since Aphra’s adventures run concurrently to the original trilogy, she could also potentially appear in The Mandalorian in a crossover event. What makes Aphra so interesting is that she’s not really a hero or villain.

Like many compelling protagonists on TV, she’s an antihero. Depending on when the show would take place within the Star Wars timeline, it could also serve as an opportunity to bring Darth Vader back to Star Wars’ live-action fold, something just about any Star Wars fan would welcome. 

Why some Star Wars fans want Chloe Bennet to star in a live-action Disney+ series on Doctor Aphra

In a Reddit thread dedicated to discussing a potential Doctor Aphra series, one poster suggested Bennett play the character. It’s unclear whether a Doctor Aphra series would ever happen or take off if it was produced. But if it does, Bennett would be a fantastic choice for the role. For one, she physically resembles Aphra.

She’s also shown a lot of versatility in her role on Agents of SHIELD. She started out as just a regular person and before the show ended, learned she was an Inhuman.  

Will it come to fruition? Time will tell. One poster on the Reddit thread called Doctor Aphra the “Best character since the acquisition,” meaning the best character since Disney assumed control of Star Wars.

If Disney does opt to take the character to series, they could do a lot worse than Bennett in the lead role. It’s just a matter of whether the talented actor will be available. By the time they get around to producing it, her dance card may be full and lined up with other projects.