‘Star Wars’: John Boyega Finally Admits Why He and Oscar Isaac Played up the Finnpoe Romance On-Screen

In the sequel trilogy of Star Wars, many fans felt that Finn and Poe shared moments that indicated their bromance might be a romance. John Boyega, who plays Finn in the movies, recently admitted why he and Oscar Isaac (Poe) played up the Finnpoe romance.  

Oscar Isaac and John Boyega as Finnpoe in 'Star Wars'
Oscar Isaac and John Boyega as Finnpoe in ‘Star Wars’ | Jesse Grant/Getty Images for Disney

‘Star Wars’: A few of the best Finnpoe romantic moments that fans noticed

Star Wars fans discovered at least 10 moments that show Finn and Poe are more than bros. The fan base felt that the chemistry between the two characters was evident from the first moment they met on the big screen. 

Finn and Poe shared an adrenaline rush in their escape from the first order in Star Wars: Episode VII. Poe saw past Finn’s stormtrooper exterior and gave the man his first name since he was abducted as a child. 

Soon after, when Finn believes Poe is dead, the former keeps the latter’s jacket, in memory of him. When the two reunite, they embrace in a hug that many fans believe was not platonic. That lip bite by Poe at the moment was enough to convince fans the romance was real. 

The relationship between the two men escalates even further throughout the remainder of the trilogy. Fans love how Finn and Poe constantly bicker like a married couple. Although the romance is not confirmed, fans feel it is real. 

Boyega admits that he and Isaac gave the fans what they wanted with Finnpoe

In an interview on May 1, 2020, Jake Hamilton asked Boyega about the Finnpoe romance. 

“I don’t think anybody really digged our chemistry until we had that original audition,” Boyega told Hamilton via Zoom. “The chemistry was so great that the idea came from the fans.”

It’s no secret that Boyega and Isaac are close friends in real life. 

“Even when Oscar does the mouth bite,” Boyega continued. “I think what you are seeing there is the love between Oscar and I in real life — which is our intense bromance. Obviously, in a franchise where people see that is a possibility — then we start thinking that’s a possibility.” 

Knowing that the fans wanted to see a romance develop between Finn and Poe gave fuel to the actors’ decision to add in those subtleties. 

“We would play it up,” the actor explained. “Just think about it — the hugs, the hand on the back of the neck. You are giving them a little nugget.”

Did Poe and Finn kiss?

While many fans were hoping that the suspected romance would be confirmed on-screen in Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker, that kiss never materialized. Instead, Boyega says that fans can believe it eventually happened after the movie timeline ended. 


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The two men played up the romance as much as they could, so they could give the fans what they asked for.  

“So the fans that maybe wanted Finnpoe can believe that whatever happened in the trilogy — maybe perhaps something that happened in the future,” Boyega concluded.