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The cryptic Project Luminous is finally out, and although it’s only books and comics, we know a movie must be on the horizon. What is most intriguing about the release is that there is something that the Jedi are afraid of in The High Republic. In all of the rich Star Wars stories we have so far, nothing scares the Jedi, so what could this horrific omen mean?

The Light of the Jedi
‘The Light of the Jedi’ Del Ray Luminous Cover | Disney

Who is writing the new ‘Star Wars: The High Republic’ project?

There are so many writers working on Project Luminous that we can barely name them all. Lucasfilm and Disney came together with a collaboration of other companies and writers to create the most unique writers’ room ever at the Skywalker Ranch.

They hired concept artists, illustrators, and visualists in the same way you would when you are making a movie. The most exciting part is that they are all Star Wars fans, but they each want to come in the era with a different angle, according to the trailer below.

“We’ve all done lots of storytelling,” said Daniel Jose Older. “But this is unique and really special.”

There are writers with very different ideas in a free environment that allows everyone to throw something out there. It began with a blank slate.

‘Star Wars: The High Republic’ brings a different type of Jedi

“It is a golden age where there is much more peace and calm in the galaxy,” begins the voiceover of the trailer. “So, we are calling it The High Republic. The description that we have used for the Jedi of this era is that they are the Jedi Knights of the Round Table.”

The Jedi sound like cowboys from the Wild West. However, they have something to fear because many new villains are on the horizon.

“But Star Wars isn’t just about Jedi, and we will tell stories of new smugglers, new scoundrels, new bounty hunters,” continues the voice over of the trailer. “The threat and the tension really comes from the Republic’s borders.”

Who is the terrifying villain that scares the Jedi?

“Our main villain is the group called the Nhil. We kinda like to refer to them as space Vikings. Their motto is ‘you can’t take it with you, but we can take it from you.'”

Some fans speculate that these new villains can steal the Force from the Jedi. If that is true, these unique creatures might pose a substantial threat.

“Our story starts with what we are calling the Great Disaster. It wouldn’t be Star Wars without adventure. There is definitely a series of events that will spin the galaxy into a dangerous new direction. It will give the opportunity for heroes to rise up.”

Charles Soule also explained that the Nihil are “able to use hyperspace in a very dangerous way.”

The original creator of Darth Maul, Iain McCaig, is back designing Jedi and villains, so we know something terrifying is coming. The new villains are very different from anything we have ever seen.

Will ‘Star Wars: The High Republic’ be turned into a movie?

There are currently three Star Wars movies coming on December 16, 2022, December 20, 2024, and December 18, 2026. The High Republic is rumored to be one of those movies, but it is not yet confirmed. 

For now, fans can anticipate five books/comics coming to Star Wars Celebration in Anaheim in August 2020. 

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