‘Star Wars: The Bad Batch’ Voice Actor Dee Bradley Baker Hints Crosshair May Go Rogue

Star Wars: The Bad Batch debuted on Star Wars Day, May 4. Since that fell on a Tuesday this year, you don’t have to wait a whole week for a new episode. The Bad Batch resumes a normal Friday rollout on Disney+ with episode 2. Now that you’ve met Clone Force 99, voice of The Bad Batch, Dee Bradley Baker, takes a deeper dive into Crosshair.

The Bad Batch
Clone Force 99 | Lucasfilm, Ltd.

Baker spoke at a press conference for Star Wars: The Bad Batch on April 22. He voiced all the clones of The Bad Batch, but spoke at a bit more length about Crosshair. 

Crosshair is already a loner when ‘Star Wars: The Bad Batch’ begins  

Everyone plays their role in The Bad Batch. Hunter is the leader, Tech is fixes all the machines, Wrecker is the muscle and Echo is the newest addition. Crosshairs is already on the outside by the nature of his job.

“Crosshair is a really interesting lynchpin member of the team,” Baker said. “His practical usefulness in the team is that of a sniper. That’s someone that stands further back from the rest of the group, and just takes ’em out, one by one. And, that’s very much to his character. He’s not someone who’s running around with the team. He’s assisting the team in a very strategic and laser focused kind of way. So, his nature is kind of set to be apart with the team that he is a part of.”

‘Star Wars’ could tear The Bad Batch apart 

Star Wars: The Bad Batch takes place right after Order 66 was executed. The Bad Batch is still dealing with all the other clone forces turning against the Jedi. They don’t even know the rise of the Empire is coming. Baker warns that Crosshair may be more vulnerable as the history of Star Wars unfolds.

Star Wars: The Bad Batch Admiral Tarkin walks with guards.
Admiral Tarkin and guards | Lucasfilm, Ltd.

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“That very definitely plays out as the larger political story plays out,” Baker said. “This instantaneous mega transformation from Republic to Empire which, as anyone who’s watched Star Wars, it’s a very profound moment in the entire story of Star Wars. That’s part of what’s so interesting.”

The Bad Batch tries to stay true to themselves in a changing Empire

Right now it’s only episode 2. You’ve just met The Bad Batch, or reunited with them if you were a fan of Star Wars: The Clone Wars. Baker reaffirmed that the rise of the Empire would have an impact on the relationships between Clone Force 99.

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“You have the personal dynamics of these few characters who are a lot of fun to hang out with,” Baker said. “They’re really competent, really fun and interesting. This whole larger process is playing out among their dynamic as well. There’s a lot there to unpack and it’s coming.”