‘Star Wars: The Bad Batch’: Some Fans Find the Result of Wrecker’s Headaches Disappointing

Star Wars: The Bad Batch focuses on a group of clones trying to find a new place in a world where they are no longer needed for the war effort.

Starring Dee Bradley Baker as the titular clone crew, fans love looking at the universe’s expendable soldiers. However, when it comes to a recent storyline about Wrecker, many saw it as a lost opportunity to explore the moral grays that make the universe so beloved. 

‘Star Wars’ fans want more

Actors portraying Stormtroopers and Clone Troopers
Actors portraying Stormtroopers and Clone Troopers | Joe Corrigan/Getty Images

According to Wookiepedia, Wrecker is one of the toughest members of the titular crew. While he might be brash, he always works for the good of both he and his crew. After complaining about headaches and flirting with the Dark Side, many wondered where he was headed in the second half of the season. However, what they got left many disappointed at the lost opportunity that Disney could have milked for interesting stories. 

Reddit user u/Bonzo77 enjoyed the episode, but they wanted to see a storyline about Wrecker’s headaches that answered more questions than it posited. As such, when it was as simple as a quick operation that did little more than a couple of Tylenol tablets, This brought short an intriguing story in an otherwise beloved series.

“It just shows how unnecessary all the buildup for Wrecker’s headaches were. You would think it would have a bigger end result but nope, just get the chip out of him without much of a problem. Besides that… the overall episode was pretty great. Kevin Kiner is really shining in this show. The score is pretty sweet. But damn, really loving the relationship between Omega and Wrecker. “

Kids say the darndest things

Another user, u/fivee_es, saw Wrecker in the same vein as many fans view minor characters on-screen. Wrecker may be mostly good, but he has a side that brings him down a darker path. While Wrecker’s journey to evil was quick and mostly harmless, fans like them believe it was a lost opportunity to expand on his inner struggle, writing, “I wish we got more of evil Wrecker though, so much build-up and the result was kinda meh.”

However, u/Jonathan_G noted one detail about Wrecker that may help to establish that he’s not the tough-as-nails adult he comes across as. Deep down, he and other clones are children in adult bodies. 

“I really enjoyed this episode,” they wrote. “Very fun ride. Really enjoying the relationship between wrecker and omega. When you think about it, the clones are like 7 years old or something like that.”

It’s true. Sometimes, the children’s roots of Star Wars are lost on its most ardent fans. These are not always stories that are meant to resonate with adults. Sometimes, they’re about lessons only kids can benefit from. 

‘Star Wars’: The good, ‘The Bad Batch,’ and the ugly

Despite complaints about some issues, The Bad Batch continues the Star Wars trend of non-canonical works getting the type of passionate love that the big-screen adaptations cannot touch. While fans of the big screen saga may be easier to please, fans who go beyond it tend to view the source material more sacred than others may.

According to CNET, the series airs every Friday on Disney Plus, and with half the season yet to air, perhaps Wrecker’s problems are just beginning. Either way, fans love this take on the Star Wars universe allows people to see the lives of characters who are glorified extras in the big-screen universe, and as such, it only strengthens the mythology that always made Star Wars work. 

Maybe the creators won’t nail every detail, but as long as they keep on giving people quality entertainment, the light sides of the latest series will far outweigh the darker ones. 

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