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The Star Wars prequels were a controversial trilogy of films that are hated by many fans but, at the same time, beloved by many other fans. That said, like other controversial movies, fans generally agree with each other about a few things when it comes to the prequels.

One of those things that everyone can agree on is the fact that Samuel L. Jackson’s character, Mace Windu, was simply awesome and probably deserved more screen time. While Mace Windu more than likely died at the end of the prequels, Jackson may be returning in other unexpected ways.

Here’s a look at why fans think that young Yoda looks a lot like Samuel L. Jackson.

‘Star Wars’: A recap of Yoda’s life

Contrary to popular belief, Baby Yoda from The Mandalorian is not literally Yoda when he was a baby. With that said, Yoda is a very mysterious person, and currently, there isn’t even a name for the species that he belongs to.

However, there are more characters like Yoda in the Star Wars universe, and one of them is a woman named Yaddle. And of course, Baby Yoda exists, though his real name is simply The Child. 

Yoda, like the rest of his species, is short, green, extremely sensitive to the Force, and can live for hundreds of years. In fact, by the time that Yoda died in The Empire Strikes Back, he was about 900 years old. As such, a lot about Yoda’s life is unknown.

For instance, the time between the prequels and the sequels is roughly 60 years. This means that the bulk of Yoda’s life is unknown … until now.

Young Yoda in ‘Star Wars: The High Republic’ 


Yoda Using Lightning in ‘The Last Jedi’ Was More Significant Than You Thought

Currently, it’s not clear if The High Republic will become a film or TV series, but right now, it’s currently slated to be a series of comics and books. The series will focus on the High Republic era of the Star Wars universe, which means that it’ll take place about 200 years before the events of the movies. 

This means that Yoda, who is still alive at the time, will be about 700 years old. And of course, since this series will involve comics, Disney has also released some concept art featuring young Yoda.

According to fans on Reddit, this young Yoda looks suspiciously like Jackson does. 

Obviously though, since The High Republic is currently slated to be just books and comics, it’s impossible for Jackson to actually portray young Yoda in any acting capacity.

That hasn’t stopped fans from imagining how young Yoda would act like in his youth, which, comedically takes a lot of inspiration from Jackson’s on-screen personality.

What will young Yoda be like?

Since so much of Yoda’s life is unknown, Disney is free to basically do almost anything it wants with Yoda’s early life. And, for Star Wars fans on Reddit, the idea of Jackson’s personality being the same as young Yoda’s personality was too hilarious to pass up. Like one fan joked, “Do or do not. There is no try, mother****er.”

Other fans thought that young Yoda looked like another celebrity. One fan said, “That’s just green Mike Tyson.”

Still, other fans couldn’t help but think that, despite being 200 years younger, Yoda actually looks older. Fans were simply curious why young Yoda looks like he has less hair than his older self.

Jokes aside though, Disney didn’t radically change Yoda’s appearance with this concept art. Young Yoda still walks around with a cane, and he still looks really old.

Additionally, he’s still more than likely a very powerful Force user, so it’s not very clear how different young Yoda will actually be from his older self.