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Stardew Valley players are feeling very suspicious of Mayor Lewis, especially because of his solid gold statue. The video game boasts about 30 unique NPCs, each with secrets and a history and likes and dislikes. However, Mayor Lewis’ story seems to be a little shady. Between the many defunct parts of town, the Mayor Lewis solid gold statue, and his relationship with Marnie, Stardew Valley fans are ready to call Mayor Lewis corrupt. 

‘Stardew Valley’: Finding the solid gold Lewis statue 

Players enjoy the Stardew Valley multiplayer feature
Players enjoy the Stardew Valley multiplayer feature | ConcernedApe

Stardew Valley players who untangle the clues in secret note number 19. Secret notes can be found once the player has collected the magnifying glass. They typically drop from performing tasks like mining, killing enemies, or chopping down trees. 

Secret note 19 features a picture of Jodi and Kent’s house at 1 Willow Lane, coupled with a series of arrows. The player must start in front of 1 Willow Lane, and follow each directional arrow until they reach an obstacle. 

So, for example, the first arrow indicates left, so the player must keep walking left until they no longer can, and then begin moving in the next indicated direction. 

The player will eventually end up behind Mayor Lewis’ house, unable to go any further. Behind his house, Mayor Lewis has hidden a solid gold statue of himself, which players can pick up by right clicking on the ground. The mere presence of the statue has some fans wondering if Stardew Valley‘s Mayor Lewis is corrupt.  

‘Stardew Valley’: Shaming Mayor Lewis with his own statue

Stardew Valley Mayor Lewis helps sell the player's goods -- but does the money go towards the Stardew Valley Mayor Lewis statue instead?
Stardew Valley: Mayor Lewis helps sell the player’s goods | CocnernedApe

Stardew Valley players are granted a few opportunities throughout the game to cause trouble for Mayor Lewis — typically these revolve around his purple shorts. However, players can use the solid gold Mayor Lewis statue to shame him as well. 

The player can place the solid gold Lewis statue anywhere in Pelican Town. Overnight, the statue will be replaced with a rotten plant, and players will receive an unsigned note from Mayor Lewis in their mailbox. 

“In the future, I’d appreciate it very much if you refrained from placing my PRIVATE belongings in town for all to see! I’m very displeased! Take this money and never speak of my ‘project’ to anyone,” the note reads. It includes 750 gold. 

Afterwards, players have a 90% chance of finding the statue in Lewis’ bedroom, and a 10% chance of finding it in Marnie’s room instead. 

Fans theorize that Mayor Lewis is corrupt 

Stardew Valley players enjoy the new Night Market
Stardew Valley players enjoy the new Night Market | ConcernedApe

Is ‘Stardew Valley’ Creator ConcernedApe Making a New Game?

What with the defunct mine carts, the bus station, the dilapidated community center, and all the other problems in Stardew Valley, players are left wondering where Mayor Lewis finds the funds for a solid gold statue. 

Some have theorized that Mayor Lewis is in fact quite corrupt, spending the taxes and town earnings on his statue instead of repairing the community center. 

“[T]he guy has been mayor for like 20 years and claims that things are ‘going great,’ yet the community center is in shambles, he’s let Joja take over, the mine carts are all broken (and the various bridges, AND the bus), and he leaves the task of getting all the museum stuff on me!” pointed out one Stardew Valley fan on Reddit.

“It’s been 10 goddamn years since I moved in to Pelican Town and not once have elections been held. The town loves me, my farm provides the food for the entire town. I alone am responsible for the repair of the community center, and yet this clown proclaims himself to be the mayor,” joked another Redditor.

“I hear he spends all his time messing around with Marnie from the feed store, and I have the shorts to prove it!” quipped another user.