‘Stargirl’: Will Cameron Become an Icy Villain Like His Dad or Join the JSA with Courtney?

In the latest episodes of The CW’s superhero series, Stargirl, Cindy and Eclipso recruit the next generation of Injustice Society of America villains. But despite inheriting his late father’s icy powers, Cameron Makhent resists their advances. So will Cameron embrace his good side and join the Justice Society of America, or will he become the next Icicle?

Cameron Makhent is Icicle in DC Comics

Hunter Sansone as DC character Cameron Makhent in 'Stargirl'
Hunter Sansone as Cameron Makhent in ‘Stargirl’ | The CW Network/Youtube

As of now, it’s unclear which side Cameron (Hunter Sanson) will join. But if Stargirl stays true to the DC Comics version of the character, he will become the next Icicle. 

In the comic books, Cameron Makhent is more ruthless than his father. He battles several JSA members, including the Star-Spangled Kid, S.T.R.I.P.E., and Hourman. And he joins forces with villains like Artemis and Tigress. 

Feelings of betrayal could turn Cameron into the next Icy villain on ‘Stargirl’

So far, Cameron seems like a pretty nice guy. His family did a great job of sheltering him from their violence and evil plans. But if Cameron realizes how his father and grandparents betrayed him, it could push him into becoming a villain. 

And then there is Courtney (Brec Bassinger). He likes her quite a lot, but she bails every time the two are about to share a romantic moment. He has no idea she’s Stargirl. But if Cameron figures it out and realizes she’s the one responsible for his father’s death, he could flip a switch and turn on her. 

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On top of all the lies he’s being told, Cameron is also in Cindy (Meg DeLacy) and Eclipso’s (Nick Tarabay) crosshairs. If Eclipso takes over Cameron’s mind, he could easily turn him into a villain. 

‘Stargirl’ may take a different approach from the comics

We know Cameron Makhent is a famous DC villain. But if Stargirl takes a new approach, as it did with some of its other characters, viewers could get a different version of Cameron Makhent altogether. 

When Cindy approached him in the paint room and tried to recruit him to the dark side, Cameron shut her down completely. And according to actor Hunter Sansone, that’s because the Stargirl version of Cameron isn’t just black or white.

“I think it could definitely be a moment that shows what the future could be like for Cameron,” Sansone told CBR. “He’s always known Cindy was bad news, just like he’s always had his opinion on Rick and the others. He’s not close with them, but he sees them at school, and he forms his own opinions about people.”

“He’s a listener, he’s quiet, and he listens, and he observes,” the actor continued. “He doesn’t need a clique, he doesn’t need a group, and I think that’s made very clear in that moment. That definitely shows the hidden rage that Cameron has down deep, that could be touched on in the future.”

Could Stargirl turn Cameron into a heroic version of Icicle not found in the comics? It is plausible. But for now, fans will just have to wait and see how his story arc unfolds. 

Stargirl airs Tuesday nights on The CW.