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Ayesha Curry is married to NBA superstar Stephen Curry. She’s also a celebrity chef, cookbook author, blogger, and TV personality who has been on multiple cooking shows as a guest and as a judge for the Food Network. She’s been a contributor and frequent guest on The Rachael Ray Show and Good Morning America as well. In addition, Curry founded the company Sweet July Productions.

The lifestyle blogger met the Golden State Warriors point guard when she was 14. It was the same year her family moved to the U.S. and she admitted that it was hard to gain acceptance because of her mixed background. Here’s what Mrs. Curry has said about that.

Stephen Curry and Ayesha Curry, who is of mixed ethnicity, attend Eat. Learn. Play. event in Oakland, California
Stephen Curry and Ayesha Curry attend Eat. Learn. Play. event in Oakland, California | Kelly Sullivan/Getty Images for Eat. Learn. Play.

Ayesha Curry’s birthplace and ethnicity

Curry was born on March 23, 1989, in Ontario, Canada, to parents John and Carol Alexander. Her mother is of Jamaican-Chinese descent while her father is of African American and Polish descent. 

Curry has four siblings: Maria, Janiece, Jaz, and Chad. Her family relocated to Charlotte, North Carolina when she was a teen and that’s when ended up meeting her future husband. However, Curry said that things weren’t easy for her when she first came to the U.S.

Ayesha Curry poses for a photo on the red carpet at the world premiere of Universal Pictures' NOPE
Ayesha Curry poses for a photo on the red carpet at the world premiere of Universal Pictures’ NOPE | Rodin Eckenroth/FilmMagic

Curry reveals that she had a hard time fitting in when she moved to North Carolina

During a previous appearance on The View talk show, Curry revealed that she had a hard time fitting in because of her diverse background and was expected to choose one way to identify.

“Growing up in Toronto, I was black. I’m a black woman,” Curry said. “I moved to the south, to North Carolina, right at the start of high school, so at 14, and there it was like … who do you choose? I always loved every part of me. But there it was like ‘no, you’re gonna go here.’ Then it seemed like my own community didn’t want to, like, wrap their arms around me and embrace me. That kind of hurt.”

She added: “I just want my community to embrace all shades because we come in so many different shades. Melanin is not one thing; it comes in so many different shades.”


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Curry said she had to explain to her children that they are Black

Curry and her husband have three children together. Their oldest, Riley, was born in 2012 followed by a second daughter, Ryan. The Currys welcomed their son, Cannon, in 2018.

In another interview, Curry told Working Mother that she had to explain to her kids that they are Black.

“They’re fair in complexion, and they’ve said: ‘I’m not Black; look at my skin.’ And I said: ‘No, no, no … You have melanin. It’s part of who you are,” Curry said (per Essence). “Our descendants are from Africa. This is what that means.”