Stephanie Hollman Was ‘Dying Inside’ Before the Cancelation of ‘RHOD,’ Says It Was ‘Emotionally Tough to Be in the Franchise’

For over a decade, Bravo has provided endless entertainment to fans with the Real Housewives franchise. The series document the lives of a group of affluent women living in various cities. One of the shows in the franchise was the Real Housewives of Dallas, which was recently unceremoniously canceled after only five seasons.

Although the cast members all reacted differently to the news, Stephanie Hollman was glad to be done with the show. She explained why it was “emotionally tough to be in the franchise.”

Season 6 of ‘RHOD’ will not be happening

The Real Housewives of Dallas season five cast members included Kary Brittingham, D’Andra Simmons, Stephanie Hollman, Kameron Westcott, Brandi Redmond, and Tiffany Moon. For five years, fans followed the women as they feuded, made up, and caused drama. When the network announced that the show would not be returning for a sixth season, some fans were surprised.

Bravo’s statement read in part: “There are currently no plans to bring the Real Housewives of Dallas back next year, and beyond that, nothing official has been decided.”

Bravo didn’t give an apparent reason why they decided to ax the show. But fans know that this isn’t the first time the network has done away with a show. In 2010, The Real Housewives of D.C. premiered, but fans didn’t get enough time with the cast members before Bravo ended the show.

Stephanie Hollman is glad the show ended

'The Real Housewives of Dallas' star Stephanie Hollman appears on Bravo's Watch What Happens Live
Stephanie Hollman appears on Bravo’s Watch What Happens Live | Charles Sykes/Bravo/NBCU Photo Bank)

Hollman was one of the original RHOD cast members. The star never got embroiled in drama as much as others. The fan-favorite always managed to take the middle ground in any feuds. Toward the end of season five, rumors spread across social media that RHOD would witness a drastic change to its cast.

Viewers speculated that some of the cast members would get fired — if the reality show continued for another season. Some of the rumors especially pointed to Hollman getting demoted from a full-time housewife to the “friend of” role.

In a now-deleted post, Hollman discussed her struggles on the show. The star’s Instagram story relayed a message of relief for the show’s cancellation. She shared a photo with her friends in a restaurant with a very detailed caption:

“If I am being honest — no. I started when my oldest was five years old, and it was such a juggling act. I learned so much about life and myself during those years, but Chance is 12, and I really want to be the best mom I can be during these tough years. It’s emotionally tough to be in the franchise, and I felt like I was dying inside toward the end of the 5th year.”

In another Instagram post, Hollman revealed that during the earlier seasons of the series, she restricted herself to a diet consisting of tuna fish and egg whites to “stay as small and perfect as possible.”

Other ‘RHOD’ cast members’ react to the cancelation


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After the news, other cast members took to social media to voice their opinions and gratitude for the show. Former cast member Cary Deuber posted a promo video of the first season, calling the cancellation “the end of an era.” Simmons said that she learned a lot through the show and thanked her fans for their support.

Westcott reminisced fondly of her time on RHOD. She focused on one particular moment where she launched a business in season 2. Brittingham, however, wasn’t surprised at all by the cancellation. She reasoned that the show had gotten “so dirty and so gross — and there was no growth.”