Stephen King Wants a ‘Children of the Corn vs. Predator’ Movie Crossover

Prey has been a success on Hulu and has reignited interest in the Predator franchise. After watching a Predator going up against a tribe of Comanche Native Americans, many are wondering who the alien hunter could be fighting next. Author Stephen King has some ideas and would be interested in seeing a Children of the Corn vs. Predator movie crossover. 

The Predator has done crossovers with other horror legends

Author Stephen King makes an appearance on Good Morning America in 2015
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The Predator made its debut in 1987’s Predator as it attacked a military team led by Arnold Schwarzenegger. It later invaded Los Angeles in Predator 2 and is hunted by a police officer, played by Danny Glover. While not as beloved as its predecessor, Predator 2 set up a small cinematic universe as it contained an easter egg that confirmed Predators existed in the same universe as the xenomorphs from Alien. 

In 2004, Alien Vs. Predator debuted featuring some epic fights between Xenomorphs and Predators. It was later followed by Alien Vs. Predator: Requiem in 2007. Directed by Paul W.S. Anderson, Alien Vs. Predator received mostly negative reviews but still did well at the box office. The sequel fared even worse with critics and made less at the box office overall. 

Stephen King pitches a ‘Children of the Corn vs. Predator’ movie

After the success of Prey, many are pitching their own ideas for where the next Predator movie should take place. Stephen King, the author of many horror classics like It and The Shining, throws his own idea into the mix which involves the Children of the Corn fighting the predator. 

How about this for a movie idea?” King writes in an August 13 tweet. “CHILDREN OF THE CORN VS. PREDATOR. You’d just need the right star.”

Children of the Corn is a 1984 horror film based on a 1977 short story by Stephen King. The film focuses on a group of children in a small town in Nebraska. When the corn crop falls one year, a group of children, led by 12-year-old Isaac Chroner, form a religious cult and murder all the adults in town in order to save the corn. 

A Predator dropping into the middle of this situation would be interesting as it would not only set up a Predator fighting a group of evil children, but it would also introduce the paranormal and supernatural into the Predator universe. The Predator’s advanced technology would give him an advantage but the children have an advantage in numbers. The Predator normally wouldn’t see children as a threat but these are no normal kids. 

Are fans interested in this idea?

Based on many of the replies to King’s tweet, many fans would be on board for this movie. Several of the replies include users pitching their own ideas for who should star in it and what the story could be. There are others who believe this should go even further with the Predator being involved in other Stephen King properties like Pet Sematary, The Dark Tower, and It.

Prey is now streaming on Hulu. 

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