Sterling K. Brown Compares Mentee, Regé-Jean Page, to a Young Brad Pitt

It may seem like Sterling K. Brown simply fell into huge success, but the talented actor was working on his craft for decades before he became a household name. These days, he effortlessly flits between dramatic TV shows like This Is Us and comedic ones like the Marvelous Mrs. Maisel. In addition to that, Brown also has an impressive film resume. Considering the success Brown has accrued, it makes complete sense that other actors look up to him. In fact, Regé-Jean Page considers Brown to be a good friend and mentor.

Sterling K. Brown and Regé-Jean Page
(l) Sterling K. Brown | 27th Annual SAG Awards / Contributor via Getty Images (r) Regé-Jean Page | Getty Images / Staff

Following his breakout performance on Bridgerton as Simon Bassett, Duke of Hastings, Page experienced some lighting-in-a-bottle success of his own. Suddenly, every news outlet wanted to know more about him, his career, and his personal life. Not only was he booking guest appearances on shows like Saturday Night Live, but he was also fielding offers from movies and TV shows in lieu of having to audition. This instant success could be a challenge for anyone. Fortunately, Page has had Brown as a pillar of support.

Regé-Jean Page reflects on the first time he met Sterling K. Brown

Brown and Page’s friendship actually dates back to 2016. The Bridgerton star was attending his first Hollywood party and when he spotted Brown, he couldn’t help praising him for the work he’d done on The People v. O. J. Simpson: American Crime Story. In an interview with Variety, Page reveals that he was a bit of a nervous wreck, but Brown was kind to him and quickly put him at ease.

“I was like ‘Oh man, that thing you did with your hand was so cool. I just want to be you,’ Page remembered, also miming stumbling through his conversation with Brown. “And Sterling just smiled patiently and let me do that and then talked me through how not to be overwhelmed by this room. He reassured me and said, ‘You’ve got stuff ahead of you. You can breathe.’”

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Funnily enough, Brown had seen Page’s work in Roots before their chance meeting and was also was happy to make the connection. Since that conversation, the pair have maintained a friendship, Brown often serving and Page’s mentor as his career began to skyrocket. But Brown reveals that Page never actually sought out stardom. Instead, he is humble and focused on the craft, which makes him that much more likable.

The ‘This Is Us’ star speaks highly of the ‘Bridgerton’ alum

“He wasn’t somebody who’s like, ‘Give me a couple of years and I’ll be making $10 million a flick,’” Brown explained. “He really loves the art of illuminating the human condition. If stardom comes — and stardom is clearly approaching — I don’t think he was ever actively seeking it; it just kind of happened.” Continuing on, Brown revealed that whether or not Page wants stardom, he’s certainly got everything it takes to be an “it man” in Hollywood.

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“He has the right mix of je ne sais quoi to be a star,” Brown shared. “He has the romantic appeal; he’s devastatingly handsome. He speaks the King’s English beautifully. I think he’s going to make a really easy, seamless leap to the silver screen.” We certainly agree with Brown that Page seems to have all the makings of an A-list actor. We know his loyal fans can’t wait to see what he does next.