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Steve Harvey is a man who has seemingly done it all. Along with his many accomplishments in the world of entertainment, he’s also had a longstanding gig as the host of one of America’s most popular game shows: Family Feud. Viewers have grown accustomed to Harvey’s charm and wit as he cracks them up on a near-daily basis. 

Harvey’s been in the role for quite some time. So how much does Harvey make for hosting the show? The answer is quite a lot, and it may surprise you. Let’s take a closer look at Harvey’s career, his time as host of the show, his net worth, and what he makes annually for hosting Family Feud

Who is Steve Harvey? 

Steve Harvey speaks onstage
Steve Harvey | Paras Griffin/Getty Images

According to Biography.comSteve Harvey is a comedian and entertainer. While he’s been performing for years, he first gained prominence starring in the Spike Lee stand-up concert film The Kings of Comedy alongside D.L. Hughley, Cedric the Entertainer, and Bernie Mac. The film was a massive hit, helping turn all four comedians into household names. 

Harvey is also an accomplished author. He wrote the advice book Act Like A Woman: Think Like A Man. The book, which talked about relationships, intimacy, and commitment, was a bestseller and spawned a movie franchise as well. 

He starred in his own sitcom on the WB network. He also hosted Showtime at the Apollo, the show highlighting performances from the world-famous Apollo Theater. Harvey has also starred in multiple other films and TV shows throughout his illustrious career. 

Currently, Harvey hosts his own long-running radio show. He’s also the host of Family Feud, one of the most popular game shows on TV.

Steve Harvey as the host of ‘Family Feud’

Harvey brings a much different style to Family Feud than previous hosts. Those previous hosts included some big names such as: 

  • Richard Dawson
  • Ray Combs
  • John O’Hurley
  • Richard Karn
  • Louie Anderson

Harvey brings a much more improvisational feel to the show. He’s well-known for his reactions to his contestants’ wild responses to the show’s questions.

Harvey can get the audience laughing with a well-timed, off the cuff quip or a simple glance. He injects a breath of fresh air into the proceedings, as he applies the comedic skills he’s spent years honing into a format fans have come to know and love over the years. It often adds up to hilarious results. 

Steve Harvey’s net worth

You may think that someone with as many jobs as Harvey would have quite a considerable net worth, and you’d be correct in that assessment. Celebrity Net Worth estimates Harvey’s net worth at $200 million. His estimated average salary is around $45 million per year. It’s no surprise — someone with as many profitable income streams as Harvey has is bound to be quite well off. Harvey has hosted Family Feud since 2010. But how much does Harvey make from the show itself? 

How much does Steve Harvey make for Family Feud?


The ‘Family Feud’ Response That Broke Steve Harvey

Reportedly, Harvey makes over $9 million from Family Feud. As high as that is, it’s not even his highest-paying gig — he reportedly makes $20 million from his radio show. 

Beyond being a great performer, Harvey is also a massively successful entrepreneur. All of his professional endeavors are aligned under the company Steve Harvey Global. He also has a production company (East One Twelve) and a company known as Harvey Events that his daughter Morgan operates. Apart from that, Harvey owns the rights to Family Feud’s international editions. 

Whatever you think of Harvey as a host of Family Feud (and most fans love him), you have to give it to him: he’s a smart and successful businessman.