Steve-O’s 5 Craziest Stunts Are Almost Unbelieveable

Television personality and professional stunt performer Steve-O has long been famous for his insane antics. Since his earliest days on the MTV shows Jackass and Wildboyz, Steve-O has been known for pulling off some of the most insane—and dangerous—stunts you’ll ever see. 

On Aug. 13, Steve-O taped himself to a billboard in Los Angeles to promote his upcoming multimedia comedy special, Gnarly, according to the LA Times

While this was a pretty creative stunt in its own right, it pales in comparison to the myriad of ridiculous escapades he’s taken part in over the years. Check out some of Steve-O’s craziest stunts, below. 

Steve-O once drank a live goldish—then regurgitated it

Steve-O has never been one to shy away from stunts with animals. One of his earliest tricks was swallowing a live goldfish, and then forcibly regurgitating it only moments later. 

He was supposed to swallow a gallon of water beforehand to provide a safe environment for the fish and to bring it back up more easily but failed to do so, making the bit take far longer than expected. After he completed the stunt, the fish was still able to swim freely in its bowl. 

He snorted wasabi at a sushi restaurant

While filming the first Jackass movie, Steve-O admitted to experiencing drug addiction. At the time, while using cocaine, he referred to the drug as “snooters.” That’s why he decided to name the gag “wasabi snooters.” 

For the prank, he and his crew visited a sushi restaurant and he went on to snort wasabi straight off the plate. 

Steve-O once tightroped over a pond of live alligators

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Continuing with his animal theme, Steve-O once visited an alligator sanctuary and attempted to walk on a tightrope over a pond full of alligators. 

Before long he lost his balance and fell, dangling just a few feet above the alligators. To make matters worse, he had pieces of raw meat attached to his underwear, baiting the vicious reptiles even more. 

He was catapulted sky high in a port-o-potty full of dog waste

One of Steve-O’s most insane stunts to date was when he strapped himself into a port-o-potty full of dog waste and catapulted himself into the sky. 

Due to his extreme fear of heights, Steve-O was the perfect person for the job. The crew tied a massive slingshot around the port-o-potty and shot him into the air, with dog waste raining all over him on his way down.

He played tetherball with a hive full of angry bees

In arguably one of his most dangerous stunts, Steve-O decided to wrap a beehive in tape and play tetherball with it. 

The beehive was alive and active, with over 50,000 angry bees swarming and stinging him as he played the game. 

There’s no telling what Steve-O’s next stunts will be in his upcoming special, Gnarly, but one thing is for sure: they will all be either nauseating or painful. 

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