Recording of Stevie J Accusing Faith Evans of Cheating Leakes Amid Reconciliation Rumors

The divorce saga between Faith Evans and Stevie J continues. The music icons have only been married for three short years but have had enough drama to last a lifetime. There have been domestic abuse arrests and rumors of a split, but they’ve maintained a united front. Stevie recently filed to end the marriage, with Evans sharing a beach day date post of the two on social media days later. Now, a cryptic video of the two arguing over cheating rumors has been leaked. 

Faith Evans and Stevie J
Faith Evans and her husband Stevie J attend the 2018 Soul Train Awards | David Becker/Getty Images

Reconciliation rumors surface after Faith Evans reveals beach day with Stevie J

Just a week after Stevie filed divorce paperwork, Evans posted images and videos of the two on a beach in Malibu. In the videos, they both do a series of cartwheels, separately. “Get us free, bruh,” she captioned the post, while tagging Stevie. 

Source: YouTube

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In a separate post, Evans hints that she’s unbothered by speculation on the state of their marriage. She posted a meme that reads: “Did you know there are 3 places you can stay for free? “In your lane,” Out of my business,” and “over there.” She captioned the post, “right thurr [sic].”

Evans nor Stevie have publicly commented on the divorce filing. Her Instagram profile photo is a photo of her and Stevie. Evans’ bio on the social media platform also still includes “wife.” Stevie also still has images featured of Evans on his page. 

Video leaks of Stevie J recording argument between him and Faith Evans arguing over her allegedly cheating

A tense moment of Stevie accusing Evans of cheating leaked on Nov. 16. The video, which was recorded by Stevie, circulated on social media.

The video starts with Evans trying to get away and Stevie won’t allow her. Yelling ensues, with Evans telling Stevie she hates him and asking him to leave her alone while he antagonizes her. Stevie verbally attacks Evans, dropping F-bombs, calling her b—–s, and accusing her of cheating.

Source: YouTube

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“F–k you, too,” Stevie snaps. “I ain’t goin’ nowhere. I hate you, too.” He then accuses her of cheating with other men in his home. “You f—–g n—-s in my house. F–k you b—h.”

While laying down with the covers over her head, Stevie tries removing them. “How could you disrespect me though?” he asks. “I ain’t do nothing to you. All I did was love you and you do that to me? How could you do that to me?”

The couple have had issues previously

In May 2020, Evans was arrested on domestic violence charges. She allegedly physically attacked Stevie. Law enforcement placed the “Soon As I Get Home” singer under arrest at around 1 am at the couple’s LA home. Police say they found Stevie covered in marks and scratches to his face,

A source revealed that the two had an argument that turned violent. The charges against Evans ere were eventually dropped. Stevie hinted about their relationship issues on Twitter, revealing that alcohol may be the root of problems. In 2019 he Tweeted, “Drunk people always speak their truth,” and “One’s insecurities can damage them.”

He also hinted at infidelity previously. “Found out that NO woman is faithful,” he tweeted in Dec. 2019. “Knew that & it’s a blessing to know.” He later claimed his account was hacked.