Stevie Nicks’ Onstage Ensemble Helps Her Hide the Feature She Dislikes Most About Herself

Despite the fans and awards and success, Stevie Nicks can be pretty hard on herself. She’s often critical about her past behavior and appearance. Nicks revealed that there’s one element of her appearance that she particularly dislikes. She explained what it is and why it would be tough to change this. 

Stevie Nicks wears a scarf over her head and holds her shawl up. She's lit in pink light and stands in front of a microphone.
Stevie Nicks | Paul Natkin/Getty Images

Stevie Nicks doesn’t find herself beautiful when she looks back at old Fleetwood Mac footage

The early years of Fleetwood Mac were marked by parties, alcohol, and drug use. The band even considered thanking their dealer in the album credits for Rumours.

“I can remember thinking to myself at that point, ‘Wow, who knew four years ago that, you know, that I would even be a part of anything that was this stupid,’” she said for Oprah’s Master Class

Looking back, Nicks doesn’t like the way she looked during this period.

“I’m like, gee, could you have just laid off the brandy and the coke and the pot for two days so that you didn’t look like your eyes were swimming in water?” she said. “Everybody else thought you looked beautiful, but that’s ’cause everybody else was stoned. You didn’t look beautiful, you looked high and unattractive. So unattractive.”

She knows the one thing she would change about herself

Nicks’ presence onstage is towering. Therefore, it may come as a surprise that she’s only five foot one. Every time she steps out to perform, she dons a pair of 6-inch platform boots. Not only do they serve as a weapon against unruly fans, but they also give her some height. She also wears a top hat, which gives the same lengthening effect.

While adding height may be useful for visibility onstage, particularly when competing for space with her taller bandmates, it also helps her cover up an insecurity. When asked what she dislikes most about her appearance, Nicks said, “That I’m not five feet eight inches tall, and willowy.”

Though it’s impossible for her to add seven inches to her stature, she’s able to fake it, at least when she’s onstage. 

Stevie Nicks is careful with her beauty routine

Though Nicks most dislikes something that’s unchangeable, she does take care of the elements she has control over. She uses expensive skincare to keep herself glowy and youthful.


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“I use Crème de la Mer at night. I can afford it,” she told Elle. “Plus, I never go to bed with make-up on and I do a little massage thing two or three times a day.”

She added that she’s also careful to stay out of the sun. This is a rule that she’s followed since she joined Fleetwood Mac, though she admits that her early sun avoidance is more because she was “doing drugs all night long and I was sleeping all day.” Now, though, she’s more deliberate.

“I never go to bed in makeup,” she told People. “I haven’t laid out in the sun since I was 28. While everyone else is out there burning up, I’m walking around going, ‘When I do look 60, you will all look 100. Enjoy it now because you aren’t going to be happy when I look young enough to get a date and you don’t.’ I’ll still be going out when I’m 75. Everybody else will be in the rest home!”