Stevie Nicks Receives Signs From Her Mother Through a Crystal Ship

Despite claiming she doesn’t dabble in the occult, Stevie Nicks receives a lot of signs from beyond the grave. She must have a switch turned on somewhere that allows her to recognize them. Nicks might not be a witch (contrary to popular belief), but she does enjoy acquiring these signs. It’s almost as if she has an army of guardian angels.

Stevie Nicks and her mother, Barbara Nicks, at the 1978 Grammys.
Stevie Nicks and her mother, Barbara Nicks | Ron Galella/Ron Galella Collection via Getty Images

Stevie Nicks started receiving signs from her mother in 2011

In an interview with the New Yorker, Nicks said she’d received signs from her late mother, Barbara, over the years. Nicks started to notice the signs when she looked for random objects she lost.

“When my mom died, on the twenty-eighth of December, 2011, I started noticing that I would be looking for stuff, like a specific piece of jewelry,” Nicks said.

“I just looked and looked and looked and couldn’t find it. And then I would say, like, ‘O.K., Mom, where is it?’ And I swear to god, I would turn around and put my hand down and there it would be right under my fingers.”

Nicks didn’t stop receiving signs from her mother after that, though.

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Nicks receives signs from her mother through a crystal ship

Besides helping her daughter find missing objects, Barbara Nicks also sends signs to Nicks through a crystal ship that dangles in the singer’s home.

“In my bigger house, where I have my little recording studio, I have this chandelier, it’s a crystal ship, and then I have this moon-and-stars machine that you can buy at any lamp store,” Nicks explained. “And I point it up there and it makes the whole ship reflect all over the ceiling, and it looks like it’s in a big ocean.

“When my mom first died, I’d get in bed and I would not be paying much attention, and then I would look up and see this one little crystal floating around up there, and at first I couldn’t quite figure out what it was, and then I realized it was just the way that the light was hitting a certain crystal, but then it became her ship, her sailing ship, her old-fashioned sort of the Lost Boys’ ship.

“And, to this day, whenever I go there and I turn that on, I just feel her come into that crystal, old-fashioned sailing ship and just let me know that she’s still there. So this really gave me a certain religious thing that I never would have had before.”

Barbara’s spirit didn’t stop there. Nicks claims her late mother warned her she was drinking too much Gatorade.

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Nicks says she feels some of her other deceased loved ones

Barbara Nicks isn’t the only one of Nicks’ deceased loved ones who communicate with her. She claims that her late best friend, Robin Snyder, sent her a sign to end her marriage to her first and only husband, Kim Anderson (awkwardly also Snyder’s widow).

Nicks also continues to communicate with her friends Prince and Tom Petty.

“Sometimes when I walk on stage, if I’m really nervous, which isn’t often, I will say to Prince, ‘Prince, walk with me.’ And he does. I believe he just suddenly is there with me.

“And I feel Tom [Petty]. [The night he died] I was up watching TV in my apartment that has this view all the way to the pier, and then all the way back to Point Dume. All of a sudden, I just looked over to the right and I saw this little red dot way far away down toward Malibu.

“I went over to the window and I just stood there and I watched it come all the way up and kind of slow down, when it stopped at the street before me. And I realized, after Tom died, that that was Tom in that ambulance. Because then I went to the hospital the next morning, and that’s exactly when he left his house in Malibu and went to the hospital.”

Nicks also believes that she receives inspiration from a spiritual realm. She doesn’t know why she keeps receiving the signs, though.

“Because I think they happen out of nowhere, and I don’t think that they’re preceded by much. So I don’t think you’re necessarily ever closed,” Nicks said. We hope Nicks continues to get these signs. They help her a lot.

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